4 Culinary Appliances You Need To Impress Your Mother in Law

Each year, new kitchen appliances are introduced to consumers. Some are one-trick gadgets that eventually end up gathering dust, and take up space in your cupboard. Other appliances are interesting, but do not always work as advertised. Finding the perfect kitchen appliance can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for something that is impressive in both form and function.


In order to be considered impressive, a kitchen appliance should be able to perform multiple tasks, have a streamlined design and come apart for easy clean up. If you are looking for appliances to impress your mother-in-law the next time she visits, the appliances listed below are a great start.


Food processor


Creamy soups, homemade mayonnaise and freshly grated cheese can all be produced using a food processor. There are several styles and sizes of processors available. Small food processors, for example, can easily chop onions and do other small tasks. Larger food processors often come with attachments for slicing and grating. KitchenAid makes a popular and affordable model.


Stand mixer


Any job a hand mixer can do, a stand mixer can do it better. From baking to meatloaf, a stand mixer is the right choice for mixing ingredients. In fact, if baking is a hobby, a stand mixer is a must-have kitchen appliance since batters often benefit from the slow, steady mixing a stand mixer provides.


Ice cream maker


Traditional ice cream makers require rock salt, flavoring and a strong arm to crank the handle. Newer electric versions remove both the hand cranking and the rock salt. Today’s basic ice cream makers can make soft-serve vanilla ice cream in about twenty minutes. Homemade ice cream is completely customizable and preservative free.


High Speed Blender


If space is an issue in the kitchen, and you can only choose one appliance to impress your mother-in-law, the Blendtec may be the best choice. It can do most of the tasks the other appliances listed above can do, and may take up less space.


The Blendtec is the superhero of the kitchen, disguised as a mild-mannered blender. Its super-sized motor is assisted by a revolutionary airflow design that will keep your Blendtec cool and working well for years. The generous three-quart, BPA-free jar ensures you have the capacity you need, and the chopping power comes from the four-inch blades that can handle ice with ease.


The Blendtec’s power, size and versatility make it the one multipurpose appliance you need. Soups, ice cream, batters and smoothies can all be made with one sleek, easy-to-clean device.

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