4 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Season to Move

Spring is finally in full swing. And for many people, the blooming flowers, fluttering butterflies and dwindling school year means that they’ll be moving to a new home. Whether the transition is for a new job, or you’re just trying to escape a humdrum routine and restart your life, spring is a great time for this change. The season brings better moving weather, less turmoil for any potential kids, and an easier transition into fall holidays. Plus, prices are often cheaper for moving services right before summer.

School Calendar

Moving when you have children can be a challenge on many parents or guardians. Beginning with the complicated task of getting the kids to be okay with leaving their comfortable life of friends and familiarity, and finishing with adjusting to a new city , moving can spell trouble for unprepared families. This is why moving the late spring or very early summer is excellent. Many schools around the country end their school year in mid-to-late May, which leaves the entire summer for children to explore their new home, and enroll in local summer camps to make new friends before the fall school season starts.

Leaving in late spring also allows kids to say goodbye to their current friends, and finish off the school year with them, instead of being jostled into a new classroom halfway through the school year like moving in fall or winter might do. Plus, this gives parents time to look at new schools and meet with potential teachers before the school year begins.

The Weather

For much of the continental US, spring brings mild weather and thaws snowfall, both of which makes moving much easier. The lack of sweltering heat is also a benefit, as it makes the process a little bit less exhausting.

This pleasant weather also allows you and your movers to dress in light, flowy clothing that won’t inhibit movement, which makes lugging in large boxes and furniture less dangerous and exhausting.

Cost Effectiveness

Summer is the peak moving season (although early winter in dry climates comes close), and prices are going to match the demand. But moving companies are more prone to help sluggish spring business with sales, which also help new employees with on-the-job experience before the summer rush comes in.


Unlike summer and fall, spring isn’t chalk full of holidays. This means that your family and friends won’t by demanding your time and energy. And that allows you to settle into your new home and get adjusted to a city before the big time-consumers of Thanksgiving and Christmas start.

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