5 Garage Upgrades You Should Consider This Year

How long has it been since you renovated your garage? Your car can be a breeding ground for bacteria, but it’s not the only place where dirt and grime hide in your home. Not everyone thinks of regularly cleaning and maintaining their garage, but it’s a good idea to start paying more attention to it. After all, upgrading or renovating your garage can also boost the value of your home.

There are different ways to upgrade your garage. You can add a fresh coat of paint, get a new floor mat, or install better ventilation. If you park in your driveway, consider converting the garage into a spare bedroom, study, or workspace. If you’re looking for a few ways to start, read on.

1. Replace or repair your roof.


Whether you have a detached garage or it’s attached to your home, it’s crucial to keep the roof in good condition. There’s no use upgrading your garage floor, the doors, and the ventilation system if it’s all ruined by a damaged roof. A good roof will prevent debris, rain, melted snow, and other natural elements from seeping in and damaging your vehicle. The easiest way to see whether you need roof repairs or a new roof is to contact a reputable roofing company.

roofing contractor can assess the state of your roof and give you several options to consider. Some roofers also give you a free estimate and consultation. Even if you think you can fix your roof on your own, remember that picking professionals will ensure top-notch roof repairs. For the best experience, do a little research about the roofing industry in your area before you pick a roofer.

2. Protect your garage floor.


Just like with your roof, a damaged garage floor can ruin your vehicle. Even if you have a new roof, you can still be at risk of melted snow, slush, grime, and debris tracked in from car tires. Your garage floor tiles can get cracks or stains from oil spills. You can get an epoxy coating on your floor, mop it often and put down plastic or vinyl mats in troublesome spots.

The only downside is that this job can be time-consuming, is not always durable, and can be expensive. The best way to keep your garage floor in good condition is to get a garage floor mat. Also known as garage floor containment mats, these mats help prevent moisture, grime, or dirt from ruining your floor.

3. Replace the garage door.

You’ve fixed your garage roof, bought the best garage floor mat, and made sure there’s no grime and grease around. Still, dirt and debris are sneaking in from somewhere, and you find that your garage always seems damp. If you’re wondering why this is, consider focusing on your garage door. The right garage door is like armor for your garage, helping to keep your garage— and in turn, your car—clean.

4. Organize your workspace.

Do you use your garage as your workspace and toolshed and keep your car in the driveway? If so, it’s time to organize and maintain it well. You can hose down your garage floor after a big DIY project, but there’s no point if you shove all your tools and equipment haphazardly into a corner. Use your workmanship to build a shelf or a cabinet for your equipment. Put up hooks or stack boxes of different sizes aesthetically to store unused items and equipment. The more organized your garage looks, the easier it will be to maintain it.

5. Ensure proper insulation.

If you use your garage to work and exercise in, insulation and adequate ventilation are crucial. However, insulation is a good idea even if you only use the garage to park your car. Extreme temperature—hot or cold—can damage your vehicle as well as your garage. Good insulation keeps the temperature regulated, preventing this from happening. Also, install vents and carbon monoxide detectors to keep the entire garage as safe as possible.

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