5 Step Guide to Cleaning the Garage

The garage usually functions as a backup storage room. Unused brooms, clothes, tools, and sports equipment- you name it, and it’s probably there. It becomes a clutterd mess during the summer months so it takes time to get all of your stuff organized.

Here are some tips that can help make your cleaning task easier:

One: Clear the garage.

Start by taking everything out of your garage. While doing so, sort your possessions. Separate things you will need in the future, things with sentimental value, and things that you no longer need. For the latter, you can either throw them or give them away. Put related items together in one pile. That way, it’s easier to retrieve them later.

Do not miss even the smallest tool. You’re doing this not only to organize your things but also to empty the garage. In doing so, you make it easier to sweep all the dust away.

Two: Clean the garage.

Once your garage is empty, start deep cleaning. By this, I mean that you need to remove layers of dirt and dust on every flat surface including the ceiling and walls. Remove the cobwebs from the ceiling and look out for insects. If you see that the walls need repainting, do so.

For the floor, use a hose to spray water and direct dirt towards the driveway. Push the remaining water using your broom. To dry it, you can use an old, unused towel. You can also just leave the door and windows open to naturally dry the room out.

Three: Plan how to organize things.

While you are waiting for the garage to dry, think about how you can organize everything better for accessibility. Which things will you frequently use? Which things are you keeping just because you don’t want to lose them? For instance, you’ll want to keep the lawnmower and your car repair tools close at hand, but an old bucket of paint you may or may not ever use again can be tucked safely in a corner.

Four: Install good storage units.

To avoid clutter, invest in storage bins, shelves, hooks, bike rack, or drawer units. Position them without wasting any garage space. They will provide order in the room by assigning a specific area for each belonging. Follow your plan and put things you’ll be using most forward.

Five: Put everything back.

Finally, you can return the things in their proper places. When doing so, you might want to involve other family members. That way, you will not continually tell them where to find things in the garage. Putting labels on storage boxes will help as well. When all your possessions are safe in the cabinets and boxes, you can admire your work.

Cleaning the garage may take all day. However, once you’re done, you’ll find that it’s therapeutic. Nothing beats going inside a clean garage space.

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