7 points to consider before buying vanities for your bathroom

The bathrooms can be the most neglected and overlooked area of one’s house. But an intelligent house maker always holds some passion and they care as much for the bathrooms as they care for the living room, bedrooms and the kitchen. One of the best ways for maintaining bathrooms and enhancing their look is by adding vanities to it.

There are various kinds of bathroom vanities available in the market. Choosing just any bathroom vanity without the consideration of available options is a huge mistake which most people tend to make.

Below are the seven things that one should know before buying vanities for your bathroom.


It is always considered better to plan ahead of doing something. It is certain that the dimensions of the bathroom are fixed and inflexible. So the size of the vanities should be in accordance with that. It is important to see that the chosen size of vanities can utilize the space provided in an efficient and effective manner.

The Brand

Just like furniture, the price of vanities can have immense disparity. A unit of vanity is a piece that needs to have resistance and durability. Therefore, it becomes important to vest the money in a brand that has a reputation and is known and recognized for trust. There should be no bargain regarding the brand of products.


Whether it is an item of bathroom vanity or installation of any other commodity, it must be waterproof. If the racks are wooden, it should be of a quality that is water and moisture resistant. It should not be something that can be damaged by water and moisture.


The vanity units should have proper storage. The units should be chosen wisely keeping in mind the needs of storage. Storage is the reason why people buy vanities. So the need should be precisely seen. Drawers should be seen and everything should be bought with a purpose.


The design and color should be chosen diligently. If the bedroom and bathroom are built in conventional style, the design of the vanities should be in accordance with that. If the bathroom is made with modern style, the vanities should reflect that. Color should be chosen wisely. Light color gives a sober impact while dark color has its own significance.


The finishing of the vanities in the bathroom holds an important aspect. Finishing enhances the look and feel of everything. The vanities with smooth finishing give a classy look. The people who visit the home, especially guests feel mesmerized when they see smooth, even and precise finishing.


There are three things one should take into consideration while choosing a sink for the bathroom. The first thing is the overall vanity style. The sink should be in accordance with the overall vanity style. The second thing to be taken care is counter space. Lastly and most importantly the overall style of the bathroom should be considered.

A house should reflect comfort, style, and class and the bathroom is certainly a place where one does not want to compromise with comfort.

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