A Bit of Me Space

Your bed is the ultimate sanctuary; a place of rest and recuperation. At worst, it should simply be the most comfortable space in your home and that’s at worst. And yet all too often beds are one of the last items of furniture we consider replacing when renovating the interior of our homes. In fact, our bedrooms are normally at the bottom of the list when it comes to all kinds of DIY and home improvements. Well I think it’s about time we changed our priorities a little bit.




Let’s face facts for a moment. There aren’t many places in this world that are private, where you can do as you like, live as you like and receive no judgement from prying eyes. A bedroom, however, is that place. Normally from around secondary school age you are given your own room and taught how to look after your private space. As we grow up and perhaps move in with partners and begin our own families, that little sanctuary can become lost under mountains of washing or last year’s toys.


Let’s take stock and recognise that actually it is important to have a little bit of me space, just like it is important to have a bit of me time.


Real Indulgence


So what should your ‘me space’ be like? Well, it should be a real indulgence in the things that look after your soul and that could mean all sorts of things to all sorts of people! Whether that’s a warming log burner a wall sized collage of photo’s with friends and family or simply a minimalistic white space that is all cleared of clutter. Your space needs to reflect your personality and needs and desires rather than simply present an image to the outside world. This space isn’t for anyone else, it is for you!


Real Luxury


And often when we think about ourselves we start thinking about treating ourselves in some way as we realise that we quite well deserve it! To stay within budget when considering your renovations, pick one item to totally go all out with and then keep everything else down cost wise. Perhaps it is going to be designer wallpaper, floating glass shelves or a hand crafted wooden bed? Whatever it is that floats your treat boat!


Real Life


And remember once the hard work of clearing out and decorating is done, try and make a bit of ‘me time’ to have in your shiny new ‘me space.’

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