A Brief History about Chandelier Lighting

We know that the very wealthy during medieval times were the first to use chandelier lighting. Of course, they used candles in those days. Generally speaking, the chandeliers were shaped like a wooden cross and various spikes were fixed to these onto which a candle could be placed. Ropes or chains would be used to hoist these to the right height. The direct or indirect lighting makes unquestionably the deco interiors value. Lamps, floor lamps, suspensions, lights playing on the colour, material and form in all rooms. Famous designers like Philippe Stack, compete in originality and creativity to provide us with beautiful and practical lighting. The most likely to receive this type of lighting rooms are the living room, dining room and bedrooms.

They are associated with the style and color of the room. For example, gray, white, blue will be welcome in a living room fashion deco seaside. Depending on your budget and your desires, spotlights, wall and ceiling beautifully embellish your kitchen and bathrooms. These luminaries enhance the ceiling height and bring a ray of light where it is needed, over the sink or worktop.

However, from the 15th century onwards, these devices started to become more complex. This was mainly in their actual shape, as chandeliers started to become more decorative. It was still only the very wealthy – clergy, nobility and merchants – who were able to own these. The status of the chandelier as a luxury item was firmly set.

From then on, chandeliers became increasingly elaborate. By the beginning of the 18th century, chandeliers would have curved arms and they were able to hold a huge range of candles. The metals used in making the frame were elaborate and heavily decorated. Additionally, glassmaking started to develop, which made it possible for lead crystal to be used, which allowed the light to be scattered in many different directions. Interestingly, lead crystal was much cheaper, which made the chandelier more affordable for other people.

Naturally, the rich did not want to be removed from their pedestal and they started to commission larger and larger chandeliers, with huge amounts of crystals glass inside them. It seems as if the battle has still, to this day, not come to an end. We can now purchase chandelier lighting that is beautiful and highly affordable, as well as chandeliers that are insanely expensive, made from materials that cost thousands of dollars and that hold hundreds of lights.

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