Advantages of Having Fitted Wardrobes in the Bedroom

In designing a new home, you need to have certain plans regarding your bedroom. This is your personal haven so it needs to have all the elements that you want to see in a bedroom. A fitted wardrobe is one of them. Here are some of the advantages of having fitted wardrobes at home.

You can design based on your needs

Unlike furniture that is already manufactured prior to purchase, custom designed fitted wardrobes are yet to be constructed. Therefore, you can choose the overall design depending on your preference. You can include features that you think are really useful. If you have a lot of shoes, you can include a space where more shoes can fit in. If you want a space to organise your accessories, it is also possible. You can have as many cupboards, drawers, compartments, and racks as you want if you think they will be useful. Of course, the available space dictates just how much you can have, but at least you are the one who decides on every aspect.

Efficient use of space

The problem with a freestanding wardrobe is that it eats up too much space. You can barely move in a room with this type of wardrobe especially if your bedroom is not too big in the first place. With fitted wardrobes, you can maximise whatever space there is. It doesn’t matter how big or small your bedroom is. You can still have a quality fitted wardrobe.

Have custom-tailored lighting

It is quite difficult searching for clothes when the room is too dark or if the door blocks the light. Aside from not finding the right wardrobe, you might also pick one with the wrong colour. But this can be solved with the clever use of lights. When you have fitted wardrobes, you can decide to include custom-tailored lighting. It can be triggered the moment you open the wardrobe or you can also turn it on and off using a switch.

Easier to clean

Since every space in the wardrobe is utilised, it becomes easier to clean and maintain. The problem with wardrobes where there are spaces that you don’t normally use is that they become too dirty. Dust accumulates over time and this is quite frustrating. Since you use every space in your fitted wardrobe, this is no longer an issue. You still have to clean though, but it won’t take as much time as cleaning a freestanding wardrobe.

Check out sample designs and you will soon come to realise that a fitted wardrobe is a perfect option for you. It offers flexibility, optimal use of space, and incorporates your own personal style.


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