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The Advantages of Venetian Blinds

If you are looking for blinds for your home then you might be glad to hear that there are lots of different types for you to choose from. Whilst this is great news it also means that you'll need to do a little research and find out what is best for you. For many people venetian blinds are the best choice and here's why: Control One of the nicest things about venetian blinds is that you can look at how much light you do or not let into a room at any one time. With many blinds you'll have to Read more [...]

Choosing Blinds for Your Home

When it comes to window dressings and decor you might be glad to know that there is more than just curtains for you to choose from. Blinds can be a fantastic choice for almost any window, especially as they have really expanded in range since they caught on in popularity. A beautiful decoration showcase store is a good way to attract attention and make your more attractive. SELFOR Decor offers year a large selection of decorative accessories showcase that can accompany large trade events. What Read more [...]

A Brief History about Chandelier Lighting

We know that the very wealthy during medieval times were the first to use chandelier lighting. Of course, they used candles in those days. Generally speaking, the chandeliers were shaped like a wooden cross and various spikes were fixed to these onto which a candle could be placed. Ropes or chains would be used to hoist these to the right height. The direct or indirect lighting makes unquestionably the deco interiors value. Lamps, floor lamps, suspensions, lights playing on the colour, material and Read more [...]

Brightening Your Home in Time for Summer

With spring upon us in Heston, you may have already started your spring cleaning and cleared those cobwebs in time for summer. However, you may be looking at your dull rooms wondering what you can do to brighten them up and bring some light into your home. Well, thankfully there are a number of ways in which you can do this, from the simple DIY changes that can make a real difference to the more costly alterations you can make which will have a lasting effect on the quality and aesthetics of your Read more [...]

Choosing the Right Fire Door Supplier

Fire doors are important safety devices that are specifically designed to save both lives and property. They are necessary requirements for all public buildings as part of the building’s passive fire protection programme. Fire doors are also often required for residential areas such as flats where one door would lead into an integral garage or to another habitable room. Owners of residential buildings, especially those that have several units that are being rented out to tenants, must make sure Read more [...]

Tips for Decorating a Modern Home

Want to have a trendy modern home, but are clueless on how to decorate your space to make it look more 21st century? Afraid that a small space might look cramped with modern furniture? Worried that redecorating your home to update its look may be too costly? Well, here are some decorating tips to help you revamp your home and make it trendier while still keeping to a modest budget. Colours and Patterns There is a lot you can do with colours and patterns to update the look of your home. Read more [...]