Basketball flooring that will last for decades

Having the right floor and subfloor is important when creating sports floors and basketball floors. There is nothing better and more satisfying than hearing the squeaking from rubber shoes against the floorboards while a player out-maneuvers his component with excellent dribbling skills, and the sound of the ball hitting the floor resonates. Ball bounce is important for the flow of the game; however, excellent shock absorption is equally important when players lunge forward jumping towards the hoop for a perfectly executed touchdown. The floor should be able to give in a little when the players land after a perfect jump – and in particular after failed jumps. Excellent shock absorption and a safe level of resilience create extra safety for players and helps avoid unnecessary injuries.

Everything on point

Everything should be on point when it comes to sports flooring in order for players to feel safe on the court and to be able to perform their very best at all times. It is for instance also necessary to consider the level of friction and vertical deformation when choosing basket floors. The level of friction is important in basketball in order to prevent joint injuries which often occur in sports with rapid changes of direction. A friction value less the 80 makes the floor too smooth and increases the risks of slipping and over 110 it becomes too hard and unforgiving. The perfect friction value for basketball is between 80 and 110 preferably somewhere in the middle. But what about vertical deformation? What role does it play? Vertical deformation is the floor’s ability to absorb shock, so in order to have a shock-absorbing floor, it is necessary to look at this quality. Vertical deformation is defined to be the floor’s ability to flex when exposed to a dynamic load. The dynamic load, also known as dynamic impact, is compared to the impact of light jogging – the more forgiving the floor is the higher shock-absorption rate it has. Are you looking for a professional and easy to install basket floor, then you can find basketball flooring here. The floors are extremely stable and durable, ready for immediate use, have a long lifespan, and a surface out of the ordinary.




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