Bedroom Décor For The Vintage Enthusiast

Redecorating a bedroom is the perfect opportunity to express your personality and individual flair through your furnishings and décor. Whether you love minimalist designs, shabby chic or industrial elegance you can harness your passions through the choices you make. If you’re a vintage enthusiast, it couldn’t be easier to create a beautiful retro boudoir that makes you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time to a simpler era.

Charming, individualistic and quirky, vintage bedrooms can be casual but romantic, versatile yet budget-friendly. It’s easy to showcase your creativity when you decorate with accessories, colors, fabrics, and furnishings that were popular in the past.

Here are some top bedroom décor and furnishing tips that will help you to design your ideal space.

Layer Your Textures

Layering different textures is a great way to create a vintage feel effortlessly. Choose patterned cotton for your bedlinen paired with velvet cushions, a chunky knitted throw, and a traditional quilt and you’ll have all of the basics of a vintage-themed bedroom.

Choose Florals

Florals are synonymous with vintage styling and they add plenty of feminine, elegant appeal to your space. Mix and match your floral prints, alternating between larger and smaller flowers to create a retro look.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are a wonderful choice for vintage-themed rooms. Ice cream shades like pale pink, lemon, and powder blue all look fantastic against a cream, white or ivory background, and will add a softness that is very retro to your room.

Vintage And Retro Furniture

Although you can create a retro look with more up-to-date furniture, the best way to create a cohesive room design is to choose authentic vintage pieces. If you can only afford one antique piece, make it a statement one. An art deco wardrobe, a Regency-style dressing table or a 19th-century iron bedstead with a matching antique bed mattress would all be perfect additions to your boudoir.

Wooden Floors

Whenever possible, stripped back wooden flooring is the best option for an authentic-feeling vintage bedroom. Floorboards left in their natural state, varnished or even painted white all look great, especially when paired with a rug at the bedside.

Upcycled Vintage Finds

Sometimes, you can find beautiful vintage and retro items at yard sales or second-hand stores that would fit perfectly into your themed bedroom if they were given a makeover. Well-loved items may have seen better days, but you can upcycle them by adding new handles, a fresh coat of paint or maybe some stencils that give the piece a whole new lease of life.

Creative Repurposing

When you create a vintage-themed bedroom, you are allowing yourself to let your creative side loose. If you find unusual retro items, you can repurpose them in new and different ways in your room. For example, if you find an old schoolroom chair you could repaint it and use it as a bedside table, or an old fireplace could be a stylish new headboard for your bed. Feel free to experiment.



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