Beware Children and Animals

W. C. Fields famously cautioned people against acting with children or animals. Never mind acting, if you saw some of the damage they can cause to carpets you wouldn’t let them through the front door. Seriously, the modern house tends to have fitted carpets throughout. It may be a single design through the whole of the downstairs and hallway, stairs and landing. If you do that it is certainly worth keeping some spare carpet to repair any problems. Pets are liable to pull at threads and cause untold damage while children knowing no better will happily draw or paint on the carpet if given the chance.





Some stains are readily cleaned if you catch them in time; others need the help of someone with a little more than a damp cloth. However, children do not know the difference between water based paint and oil. You might be keeping an eye on them but you don’t know what they will pick up on their travels around the house and garden; some things may be difficult to remove from your carpet.

Real damage

Cats and dogs both like to scratch, themselves, others and carpets. Sharp claws can start to fray your carpet before you have even noticed it. It can make a spilt glass of red wine positively innocuous.

You may think that you can clean things yourself though you are probably less optimistic about the frayed carpet. If you have spent a great deal of money on your carpets, doesn’t it make more sense to get expert carpet cleaners to come and see the problem? Certainly you can neutralise the colour of red wine actually using white but that doesn’t mean you have actually cleaned the carpet; you just have an invisible stain.

No insurance

While you will certainly have household insurance you need to see whether it covers for damage to your carpets. The cost of repair is likely to be much less than the cost of replacement and if the money is coming directly out of your pocket it will certainly be a factor in your decision about what to do.

Do an online search for local carpet repair services in one of the search engines; don’t forget to add your location, to narrow down the search. The list of companies that you receive in response should include a company that has had many satisfied clients in the past, both residential and commercial so no job will be too large or small to tackle.

You don’t want to be changing quality, hard wearing carpets too frequently and if you do who is to say an accident won’t happen again immediately? You could be in for an expensive time.

Sites such as clearly explain how to deal with such carpet disasters and you can get repairs of any kind done to your carpets. You may have a carpet in your lounge over wooden flooring and a cigarette is accidentally dropped on it. A burn, tear or stain may cause you great concern. If you have a problem, why not find out more and discover a possible remedy other than replacing your carpet?


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