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The Art of Furnishing Your Home

Furnishing your home requires far more than randomly selecting items of furniture and peppering them around the living space. It takes time, thought and perseverance. Whilst your own artistic sensibilities will play the key role, there are some great fall-back tips you can look to whilst creating the look of your home with furniture.   Defining Your Style   The best furniture style is the one which fits best with the overall scheme of your home. So look around the various rooms Read more [...]

Tips for Decorating a Modern Home

Want to have a trendy modern home, but are clueless on how to decorate your space to make it look more 21st century? Afraid that a small space might look cramped with modern furniture? Worried that redecorating your home to update its look may be too costly? Well, here are some decorating tips to help you revamp your home and make it trendier while still keeping to a modest budget. Colours and Patterns There is a lot you can do with colours and patterns to update the look of your home. Read more [...]

Think A Wool Blanket Is Only For The Armchair? Think Again

A wool blanket makes a nice addition to the home its true, complementing furniture or a themed room nicely. However there are far more uses to wool blankets, just look back at some of our old ancestors and their ingenious methods of using wool for multiple purposes. There are plenty of museums around in the UK to find out more on such historical use. Matches, Tent, Wool Blanket? Outdoor Survival Wool blankets make a good alternative to sleeping bags when camping. It’s a great survival Read more [...]

Questions to Ask About Barricades When You Need to Establish Temporary Security

When you are responsible, solely or in part, for establishing temporary security around a high-profile event or the temporary visit of an important public official, there will be many safety concerns to address. One of the first of these concerns is the type of barrier system that you will be using. To determine which barricades are most appropriate for your needs, consider the following questions.  Which barriers are available and which areas will you be barricading? You may have many different Read more [...]

Top 3 Home Decorating Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

There are no rock solid rules when it comes to home decorating; like anything, it's a very subjective field and each person's individual taste is no less valuable than another's. There are however some general guidelines which you can use to ensure that you don't find yourself revisiting one of many classic home decorating mistakes.   Real Lighting For Real Mood   Lighting is by far one of the most undervalued resources in your interior design arsenal. Many think of lighting Read more [...]
How To Accent Your Home With Natural Wood

How To Accent Your Home With Natural Wood

Key to decorating in a rustic, country chic, or cape cod style is the use of different woods. Wood comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and adds an inviting touch to each room with its natural purity.   Here are easy ways to accent your home with different varieties of wood to achieve an organic, warm space:   Staircase   Usually the staircase is the main focal point of the entryway, for its grandeur lends itself to being noticeable. Staircases are often covered Read more [...]