Don’t Spoil Weekend Pleasures Woman – Go for Smart Household Management

Women and hard work are synonymous. When you are a woman, you are designed by God to slog, and most of the times, you will do so willingly and effortlessly. However, being a woman is also about beauty, style, and fun.

Modern day women do not lag behind men in having fun on the weekends. No matter how diligent a woman is during weekdays, the smart woman who earns a good sum wants to let her hair down during weekends and enjoy. You should party with your friends, go to club, bask in the nature, or spend times with your family during weekends. Relaxation and pleasure serve to recharge your batteries.

Many women work like a dog the whole week in office, and when they wrap up the Friday evening, they get a much deserved breather. But, this break is short-lived if she has to attend to household chores again the next day. So, it is good to hand over your domestic duties to external help like residential cleaning services.

If you would rather do it yourself but do not wish to waste the whole of your weekend cleaning and organising your house, these are few tips that will help you reduce the burden of workload on weekends. Finish off domestic chores at the earliest with these smart tips, and reserve your weekends for cooking a hearty meal for your family, relaxing in a spa, or going for long drives with your husband.

Tips to Reduce Weekend Workload:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Make a habit of cleaning the house on a daily basis. Never leave anything for the weekend. You could clean the unreachable nooks and corners and scrape the cobwebs on a weekend, but floor vacuum-cleaning and scrubbing should be done regularly. Don’t accumulate all the activities to be done on a weekend.
  2. Ironing: Decide what you are doing to wear for a particular week in office, and press all those clothes together on a designated day. This way, you don’t have to take the hassle of ironing each night or every morning.
  3. Time Management- If you don’t feel like doing or you don’t have the time to do everything every day, then make schedules like vacuum-cleaning the house on Monday, scrubbing on Tuesday, organizing on Wednesday, and running errands on Thursday. This way you will finish most of your tasks so that you can reserve your Saturday night for clubbing and Sunday afternoon for a hearty brunch with your family and friends.
  4. Work Division: If you have a career, then you must be doing office work for 5 days of the week and housework for the weekend. Now, that makes you a labourer. Don’t let that happen. Divide your house work smartly amongst all the family members and also your children if they are big enough. This way your kids will become responsible and learn to manage the house when you are away.
  5.  Running Errands: If you have a really dirty garage, designate the duty of cleaning it to your husband on every Saturday morning. Other difficult areas like attic and basement could also be handed over to him. You and your kids could concentrate on the core household parts whereas these could be done by your mate.
  6. Spring Cleaning: If you are heading out on a long vacation, but as you are a stickler for cleanliness, you need your house in perfect condition after you are back, then hire house cleaning services for doing the job for you. They are reliable and can be trusted to leave your house squeaky clean and organized before you are back.

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