Excellent Office Noise Reduction Products to Transform Your Workplace

Noise is one of the main concerns raised by company employees all over the world. The situation is quite rampant in open workspaces where workers are put together with almost no separation. Are you working in such an environment? Does the constant activity and movements ‘drive you crazy?’

A 2013 report from the University of Sydney stated that lack of enough natural sound privacy was the most frustrating thing that employees have to go through. So, if either you or your staff members are going through this awful situation, these are the noise reduction products you need to use.

Noise-Cancelling Ear Phones

One of the most clear-cut methods of reducing noise while at the office is getting a pair of high-quality noise dampening headphones. Look for the top quality brands for their 100% noise cancellation properties. Use special processing and microphones to create a parallel sound wave than the one going to your eardrums.

Get Some Plants

It’s no question that plants brighten up even the dullest of offices. However, what you may not have known is that once placed well, they do a lot in reducing the noise levels in any open office. The larger or taller the plant, the better the impact plus and they clear the air, creating a tranquil environment.

Soundproof Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are remarkably efficient in ‘fighting’ office noise pollution. Unfortunately, not all panels are attractive, but some modern designs continue to pop up. With a keen eye for detail, you’ll easily get a beautiful wall panel but most importantly, one that’s accepted by your employees.

Wall Partitions or Cubicles

Here’s another tried and proven soundproofing option. These structures have helped businesses of different sizes. It separates employees and reduces those annoying office sounds. Shockingly, even the low-level wall partitions are impressively useful. And also though their style might be lacking in certain cubicle choices, there are many cubicle designs in today’s market.

Sealing all holes

Sealing holes is one of the simplest ways to reduce noise in your office. Even a tiny hole through the wall will let in a lot of noise just when you want to concentrate and work. Check around in your office for any small gaps. Once you are done sealing them, you can sit and relax.

One of the efficient ways to seal the holes is the use of fiberglass insulation. Though it is known for padding to protect a surface from heat, it also works perfectly as a soundproof product. It forms a functional barrier which limits transmission of noise from outside to your house.


Achieving a quiet office is quite impossible. This is mainly because open office spaces thrive because of the collaboration between workers. The critical thing is to establish a proper balance using the noise reduction products or structures that are okay with you and your employees.

So, feel free to try any of these techniques. They’ll not only help in absorbing sound but also boost your productivity, passion, and dedication as well as of those around you.

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