Having Your Boiler Seen to by a Local Professional

It’s always a good idea to have your boiler checked on an annual basis to make sure it’s working properly, especially with winter on the way and much of South Wales getting chillier by the day. However, if you experience problems with your boiler at any time of the year, especially during the coldest months, it’s good to know that an experienced, qualified and registered boiler repair service provider is never far away.


Common Boiler Problems

A number of problems can arise with residential boilers that result in a household finding itself deprived of heat and hot water, usually in the winter months when heat and hot water are needed the most. Here are a few of the most common boiler problems households experience, none of which you should attempt to fix yourself, as only a qualified Gas Safe engineer should carry out boiler repairs.

  • There Is No Heat or Hot Water

There are numerous reasons why a household may find itself without heat or hot water, including a broken boiler airlock, diaphragm or valve. If any of these items are broken or not functioning properly, they need to be replaced with a new part.

However, it could be the case that the thermostat has been set incorrectly, which is something you can take care of by resetting it. If it is broken, however, then you need to contact a local provider of boiler repairs.

  • The Boiler Leaks or Drips

A leaking or dripping boiler could present a serious safety issue, so never attempt to fix a leak or drip yourself. Boiler leaks and drips are usually caused by an internal boiler component that’s broken or malfunctioning, or as the result of corrosion around the pipes or tank.

Calling for a qualified engineer who specialises in boiler repairs is the only way to resolve the problem, however, if the boiler is quite old or the problem is severe and the boiler is no longer covered by a warranty, it may need to be replaced due to the costs involved. This is a decision many homeowners and landlords must make, with many opting to have a new boiler installed.

  • Radiators Don’t Get Hot

It isn’t uncommon to find that not all the radiators in the home are getting hot, or that some are only hot around the bottom. The two most common reasons for this are an unequal distribution of heat or a build-up of air/sludge in the system.

If that is the case the radiators may need to be bled, which means it isn’t actually a boiler problem, though it’s a boiler-related issue that an engineer or plumber can assist you with.

  • The Boiler Makes Rumbling Noises

If a boiler is making loud rumbling or gurgling noises, similar to the sound a kettle makes when boiling, the problem may be a build-up of limescale on the boiler’s heat exchanger. This condition is known as ‘kettling’, which is common in areas with hard water, but it affects boilers in areas with soft water also. The best way to treat kettling is to have an engineer flush the system to remove the built-up deposits and get the boiler working normally once again.

These are far from all the problems households may experience with their boilers, though they are among the most common. Moreover, although there are some things you can fix yourself, like lighting the pilot light (following the manufacturer’s instructions, of course), all boiler repairs should be carried out by a Gas Safe registered provider of boiler repair services in South Wales, of which there are many to select from.

How to Source a Boiler Repair Service Provider

Fortunately, there are many highly-respected local boiler repair service providers across South Wales, so households won’t experience any problems in finding an excellent local service provider wherever they reside, from the capital Cardiff and cities such as Swansea, to coastal areas like Gower and the Vale of Glamorgan. Having said that, there are a few things to look for in a provider of boiler repairs, including:

  • Gas Safe Registered

It’s become quite uncommon to come across a provider of boiler repair services that isn’t Gas Safe registered, but it does happen, so always ensure the service provider is actually registered.

You can check local engineers on the Gas Safe website, which enables consumers to type the licence number from the engineer’s ID card and view details of their qualifications, as well as a photo of the engineer.

  • Customer Testimonials

Testimonials provided by satisfied customers are a great way to get an idea of how well-received the services of a service provider are in the local community. Trust Pilot and other verified customer testimonials are the best ones to look for as there are many fake reviews about.

  • Happy to Offer Advice

The best service providers are usually those that are happy to answer their customers’ questions and provide advice. These service providers are the most customer-centric and will generally go the extra mile to ensure customers are 100% happy with the service provided.

  • Wide Range of Services

Although you may only require the one service at the moment, for example, your boiler has lost pressure and you don’t know what’s causing it, it’s always a good idea to focus on service providers that offer a broad range of additional services.

By doing so you’ll have a service provider in mind that you know delivers a quality service if you experience another problem in the future. Bear in mind that most boiler repairs providers also provide plumbing services, so if you have problems with your dishwasher in the future, or are looking to have a new appliance installed, you’ll know who to get in contact with.

With the weather cooling, many households across South Wales are starting to use their boilers more frequently for heat and hot water, and it isn’t uncommon for the inactivity over summer and spring to have put considerable strain on a boiler. If you have problems with your boiler, no matter how minor or major, contact an experienced, qualified and registered engineer today.

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