Home Appliances – How to Extend their Life

If you are a homeowner, you will have a long list of appliances that enable you to live a comfortable lifestyle, and these appliances are certainly not cheap. Having said that, modern appliances are built to take some serious punishment and are the result of many years of development, yet they do need to be serviced regularly. Washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, fridges and freezers, are all essential items for the modern dwelling.

Fridges and Freezers

Unlike washing machines and dishwashers, the fridge and freezer work 24/7, with no breaks, and in order to expect to have frozen and chilled items at your disposal, the appliances need to be in good shape. The Freon gas that is used in the heat transfer process might eventually need topping up, and this would be just one of the things a service engineer would look at, as well as giving the components a clean and making sure the drip tray is clean and free of mould. If it is easy to access the rear of the fridge, have a look now and then to see if there is any dirt or grime build up. Freezers have their components covered and it is not advisable to tamper with that, as it could void your warranty. If you are based in the UK, and looking for refrigeration service, http://www.thomsonlocal.com/search/listings?what=Refrigerators+%26+Freezers+-+Servicing+%26+Repairs&where=United+Kingdom is where you would find a suitable company.

Manufacturer Recommendations

If anyone knows how to keep the appliance in good order, it has to be the manufacturer, and with every appliance, there would be a small booklet, usually in several languages, and this would describe the maintenance process, along with cleaning instructions. The manufacturer would issue a warranty on the product, but in the event you, or anyone unauthorised, were to tamper in any way, that might invalidate the warranty, so be careful what you do when cleaning any appliance.

Extended Warranties

Very often, the manufacturer or retailer will offer extended warranties, which might be up to 5 years, and although there is a cost, you can rest assured that regular maintenance will be carried out, and in the event of a breakdown, most of the parts would be covered by the extended warranty. When buying a washing machine, for example, some makers offer a full 5-year warranty on the motor, which is the heart of the machine, and this is attractive to the consumer.

Careful Selection

When buying home appliances, which are never cheap, it pays to compare and review. The price should not be the defining factor in your decision, rather you should be looking for durability and long life. It is better to pay 20% more on the initial purchase to avoid having to replace the appliance after only a few years, and by paying a little more, you have the best quality. There are times when quality is the only way to go, and home appliances certainly fall into that category, and if your budget won’t stretch to something decent, it makes sense to use finance rather than buy something cheap.

Sourcing Service Engineers

This can be a real challenge, although there is one simple solution, which is to use your local online directory, where you can do a search by location and type of appliance, which will give you the contact details of the nearest expert. Many people take their home appliances for granted and would only call someone in when a breakdown occurs, and this mentality will not result in years of trouble free service, and you may have to replace the appliance ahead of time. Once you have located the right service engineer, and you are happy with his work, store his number in your smartphone, as you never know when you might need him again. From a business perspective, here is an interesting article about the benefits of online directory listing.

Washing Machines

These invaluable workhorses have to endure heavy workloads, with a typical family of four keeping it running on a daily basis, and if it is also a dryer, it will need special care. There will be filters that need regular cleaning and if this is neglected, it could be the start of a serious issue. The machine must be firmly located on a level base, which is why most washing machines have four adjustable feet. The balance is critical, as the spinning cycle demands perfect balance, and if this is compromised, it could destroy the appliance. The rear of the appliance must be spacious enough to allow air to circulate, and the dryer would have a hose that sends air out of the machine and that would be connected to the outer wall. The dry filters need to be inspected on a weekly basis, but everything else can be left to the service engineer, who might call twice a year.


Either gas or electric, your cooking facilities are also put through a strenuous routine, with 3 or 4 meals per day being prepared in a typical family kitchen. Cleaning is a priority, and there are many oven cleaning products that can maintain a level of cleanliness, which is essential if you want the appliance to last a long time. You should always read the manual when you first use any appliance, as any important information will be clearly displayed, along with operating instructions.

Heating and Air Conditioning

These are the heavyweights of the domestic appliance range, and without regular care, there will be problems. Locating a service engineer is easy if you use your local online directory, and once you have found a reliable company, store their number on your phone for future use. The modern home would have a single system that provides both heating in the winter and a/c in the summer, and this is done by using the latest heat transfer technology. Older homes might not have air conditioning, but with global warming, temperatures are rising the world over, so it might make sense to convert to a modern, energy saving system that provides both.

Home appliances are crucial, and in order to work well, they need regular care and attention. If you buy quality products and take care of them, they should give you many years of faithful service.

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