Home Improvements: When to Improve Technology in Your Home

Whether you’ve been in your house 2 months or 20 years, there are home improvements you want to do and home improvements you should do.

And there are numerous reasons to do both. For this article, we’re going to focus on improving your home with smart technology.

Why & When You Want Smart Technology in Your Home.

Convenience, efficiency and safety are the main benefits of adding smart technology to your home. Being able to remotely control appliances and other home automation systems save people time and make day-to-day life more convenient. LED lighting and solar panels make homes more energy efficient, and save homeowners money while saving energy. Plus, adding a home surveillance system makes a home safer and gives you peace of mind knowing that 60% of burglars will choose an alternative target when they see a house equipped with surveillance equipment.

Some people take on home improvements because they add value to your home. While at this time there isn’t proof that adding smart technology ups a home’s value, it can make your home more appealing to future potential buyers, especially to millennials and women as more than half of them want smart technology because they believe it makes homes safer and more enjoyable, according to a 2015 Better Homes and Gardens survey. And you want to cater to these two groups, specifically to millennials who make up the largest share of recent home buyers.

And apart from giving your home the modern look and feel you’ve been wanting for years, smart technology can even improve your health and make your pets happy.

So, how do you know when the time is right for you?

If you’re ready to take your normal home and turn it into a smarter home, then the time is right. If your home’s style and appliances are from the ‘80s or ‘90s, it’s time to update. Or maybe you’ve recently become the victim of flood damage so you’re looking for ways to prevent yourself from paying for the high costs of flooding again.

Tech Types to Consider

Whether you fall into one of those categories are or you’ve decided the benefits we mentioned are too good to pass up, here are 5 types of smart technologies you can add this year to improve your home.

1. Smarter Home Security

Today’s home security systems do a lot more than sound an alarm when an intruder walks through your door. You can get an all-in-one home security system that uses motion and noise sensors to detect intruders, has smart smoke detectors that alert you and the fire department of a fire in your home as well as water detection sensors that notify you as soon as anything from a few drips of water to a pool of standing water is detected. All of which provides security and convenience in one easy-to-use package.

2. Solar Shutters

Solar shutters look like traditional shutters, but they use modern solar technology to diffuse harmful UV rays that can damage your home’s interior, keep out unwanted heat in the summer and cold in the winter and give you needed privacy. And while they block the sun, they also gather its energy to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency by feeding energy into an inverter that’s plugged into an outlet, which then gives power back to your electrical system. On average, most solar shutters generate 500 watts per hour—that’s enough energy to power your TVs and computers.

3. All-Over LED Lighting

Today you can buy LED lights for lamps and room fixtures as well as for in-cabinet light strips, ventilation fans and even high-end light fixtures. LED lights are more eco-friendly, mercury-free and are more affordable nowadays than they used to be. Best of all, LEDs can save you money because they use 70% less energy and last longer than incandescents and CFLs—25,000 hours compared to 1,200 and 8,000, respectively.

4. Smart Thermostats

Programmable thermostats aren’t anything new. But nowadays smart thermostats do most of the work for you. They sense when you’re home or away and alter your house’s temperature accordingly. You can also set smart thermostats to turn on and off with your own personalized scheduled and control them remotely from your smartphone or smartwatch. They increase your home’s sustainability, and can save you between $131 and $145 per year.

5. Smart Sprinkler Control

If you live in a hot climate and want to keep your lawn looking great without the hassle of manually turning on and off sprinklers, then get yourself a smart sprinkler control. This device automatically adjusts your sprinklers to take into account the day’s weather as well as the season. One of these can also save you money, as one maker of a smart sprinkler control system says it has saved its customers more than 30% on outside water usage.

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