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Yorkshire is located in the Northern part of England and is in fact the largest county. Famous for its literature, typical British cuisine and folk heritage, Yorkshire int ‘alf bad to live in. There are many options out there when it comes to security for your home, but some can be quite costly. Keep in mind that Yorkshire is not a dangerous place and in fact North Yorkshire got rated the second best place to live in 2013 due to low crime rates and high life expectancy. However, nothing quite beats have that own reassurance that no one is going to burgle your home.




If you have a garage you will want to keep it secure. If you don’t have a garage then you may want to invest in one; vehicle crime averaged at 1700 reports per month in West Yorkshire, and although that may not nearly be as much as other counties, it is a figure that reiterates the fact that you need to secure your vehicle correctly. If you’re style conscious and worried that a garage may hurt the look of your property, don’t worry as there are all sorts of options available from http://www.abigaragedoors.co.uk/garage-doors-huddersfield/info_15.html. From rolling doors to hinged doors, there will be something for you.




North Yorkshire Police have some helpful tips that will assure your house is safe before going out; be it a night out in York or a day visit to Scarborough. These useful tips include:


Marking your property insures that if the stolen property is found, it can be easily identified, enhancing the chances of it being returned to you.

An obvious one, but make sure to fit strong locks on your doors and windows. Furthermore make all frames are in good and strong condition.

Install outside lighting and at night if you go out leave the lights on and draw the curtains. This deters potential thieves.

Always keep your keys on you and make sure any spare keys are well hidden and not simply put under a mat.


Alarm System


An alarm system can be expensive but very beneficial.  They can range from £100-£500+ and that doesn’t include installation. There are many companies in Yorkshire that deal in this product, the most famous being ADT. An alarm with a company like ADT are monitored meaning every time it is activated they will get in touch with you (incase you are out the house) and the police, if you opt in for this service.

You should also alarm your vehicle, even if it is in a garage. Putting an alarm on will mean you won’t have to worry about your car being broken in to or even stolen. The loud alarm will notify yourself and neighbors to the disturbance


Keep all these things in mind to make sure your Yorkshire home is as secure as possible.


Image attributed to Freedigitalphotos.net Stuart Miles


Source: http://www.northyorkshire.police.uk/homesecurity

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