How to Decorate Your First Home

Congratulations! You have bought your very first home, good on you. Now, you have the keys and the moving vans are all fired up ready to go. Now comes the hard part of the whole process: decorating. Ensuring the style and overall aesthetic of your first home is on point can be a lot harder than you may think at first, especially if you have only rented previously (and therefore never decorated beyond a simple poster or two).


Therefore, consider some of the following points of advice when it comes to decorating your very first home:


Start with Paint


Paint is cheap, simple and can have a pretty good effect on your new home. You may be surprised just how different everything looks once you have a coat of paint on, which may then shift your next decorating plans. So, first things first, get out the paint cans. Get your colour scheme in order. As this will be the base coat that the rest of your decoration builds upon.


Tackle Room by Room


Trying to put too many pies in the oven at once will often lead to burnt, undercooked or just generally uneven pie making. The same can be said when it comes to home decoration. If you try to tackle everything at once, the quality can quickly drop. Or, worse, everything will be left half-finished or not quite right.


Taking your decorating room by room may be a slower process, but it does ensure better results.


Invest in Good Furniture


One of the bigger features of any home is the furniture. From your sofa to your bed, these pieces can take up a lot of space and transform the way your home comes across. After all, depending on the size, style or even colour, the whole aesthetic of a room can be transformed by the right furniture. Which is why choosing the best contemporary furniture is vital to the process of decorating your first home (even on a budget).


Work in Fabrics


Fabric is a surprisingly transformative element in any home. With the right fabric, you can give your home an entirely modern feel or transport each visitor back to the Victorian era if you so wish. It’s all very achievable, so long as you understand the power of fabric and how you can best utilise it in any given space.


For example, the right crushed velvet furniture paired with matching velvet curtains can add a touch of an older aesthetic to an otherwise modern space. Perfect if you want to add a level of ambiguity to the time or place of your styling.


One Last Tip…


And as a final aside, remember to create a room that you will love to spend time in. It’s all well and good following a certain style or aesthetic, but is it worth the effort if it’s not something you actually want to spend time in? More than likely not.



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