How to Find the Most Comfortable Mattress of Your Life

Shopping for a mattress is not only a challenge, it can also get awkward fast. Mattress salespeople tell you to test out the mattresses like you would sleep on them at home, but in all honesty, most people are uncomfortable with simulating sleep in public, not to mention that the majority of people change positions several times during the night. How you drift off to sleep in the beginning of the night will change throughout the rest of the night- requiring different mattress support needs.

So, what is a mattress-seeker to do? First, it is important to realize just why the right mattress is important. Many studies have shown that the right mattress support can improve a variety of basic body functions, like blood flow, muscle pain management, and joint health. If you sleep comfortably at night, you will feel more rested upon waking. There really is no reason to avoid purchasing the most comfortable mattress for your body type and sleep style. While high-end mattresses typically offer more features than budget models, it is still possible to find a good mattress in any price range using these tips:


The size of the mattress is often overlooked when choosing a new mattress. However, the size you choose really does matter, especially if you share the mattress with someone else. Did you know that a full mattress is only 15 inches wider than a twin? If two people share a full bed, they each only get about 7 inches of space more than they would by sleeping in a twin bed. An extra seven inches is not much, especially if you spread out at night. If children also sometimes sleep in the bed as well, you will likely want to purchase an even bigger bed. Consider how much space you really need to sleep comfortably when choosing your bed size.


The next item on the list is comfort. This is mainly subject to personal preference, but most people prefer a firm mattress with a cushioned top to make the mattress feel a little softer. Certain medical issues will feel better with a firmer or softer mattress. Many mattress companies will allow you to try a mattress for about 30 days to determine if it is a good fit for your body and sleeping style. Typically, there is a restocking fee, but that is a small price to pay in the quest for the best mattress.


After you choose your comfort level, you can then look at additional features. Some mattress offer bonuses, like cooling layers to prevent night sweating, body-molding cushioning, or beds that can change in firmness with the click of a button. Just remember, these features may sound cool, but sometimes a simple mattress provides the same benefits without all the gadgetry. However, the quality of the materials used in the bed can be extremely important. For many shoppers, the mid-priced mattresses will provide the best comfort for value.

Finding the best mattress of your life can be a challenge, but if you do you research and give it some time, you will soon be sleeping in luxurious comfort night after night.

This is a post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a freelance writer and an occasional blogger currently writing for OZmattress which has the best mattress sale in Australia. When she is not working he likes to read and write.

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