Influencing Ambience with Elegant and Functional Lighting

Picture the scene, you walk into your home after a long, hard day at work with every intention of having a restful evening, relaxing on the sofa, with dimmed lighting to alleviate your mood… perfect right? The reality for many us however, is inappropriate, overly bright lighting, which heightens our feelings of stress and anxiety.


The home has a direct impact on a person’s mood and even the simplest of design tricks can create the perfect environment to meet the needs of the individual.


The majority of homeowners use their personal environment as a place of escape, to shut out the chaos of daily life and promote calming and soothing emotions. From strategically placed lighting to electric heaters and warming colour schemes, there are a number of design elements that can help create the perfect home.




The design and styling of a home is irrelevant, if the ambience is inappropriate. Style is only clear if the mood within a home correlates. Lighting is the source of mood and ambience and the finishing touch to any intended design theme. The lighting choices are just as important as the chosen colour schemes and the style and position of furniture.




Lighting is the key component to any interior design concept and the style and positioning of lighting can easily equate to the look and feel that is achieved. Lighting is influential in creating the mood of a room, with deep dark lighting making an environment feel small and intimate, whilst brightly lit spaces immediately feel open and functional.




Practicality and the purpose of space are at the heart of modern interior design. Many of the style recommendations stem from the way in which a room is used and how it fulfils the requirements of the inhabitant. Although it is important to create a certain mood within a home, it is vital to combine this with the practicality of a space to ensure the room meets its requirements whilst maintaining a level of style.


When considering the look and feel of a room, it is important to be mindful of how the area is used and incorporating lighting that not only serves a purpose but also creates an inviting and usable space.


This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson.  Follow her on Twitter: @katht35




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