Looking for a nylon lifting sling?

If you are in search of a nylon lifting sling, but are not exactly sure what you need, talking with a professional is always the best answer. The first thing you must realize is that there are many different types and styles. You may need an eye and eye sling or an endless sling according to your purpose and the ways you need to lift items. 


The use of slings and facilitates gripping straps and rising from all types of materials, especially essential in the development of tools work height. From Lifting Equipment we can supply you a wide range of slings in a variety of ways: made of chain, wire rope or synthetic. Come in, knows our line lifting supplements and make a choice that will improve the safety and performance of your work. In Lifting Equipment we cover a wide range of straps and slings nylon cargo and mooring chain and steel. Thanks to the combined use of high quality slings and straps shall find solid mechanism for all types of cargo lifting heavy weight easily and safely.


When you look at the eye and eye nylon lifting sling offers weight holds for basket hold, vertical hold, and choker hold. With the vertical hold, the sling will attach to the items that you will be lifting and the other end will be connected to the support. The basket hold is different in that it used both eyes to support the weight of the object and ensure the weight is evenly distributed between both ends. Then there is the choker hold, which offers the ability to hold larger objects via slipping one of the eyes into the other to make a larger loop. The one thing you must remember is that each hold has a different weight limit so you must ensure you purchase the nylon lifting sling that can handle the project.


It may be hard to believe that a nylon lifting sling can withstand the weight and provide you with exactly what you need; however, they are often the choice for all kinds of projects. Nylon slings can handle harsh chemicals and substances such as aldehydes, alkalies, ketones, crude oil, ethers, dry cleaning solvents, alcohols, determents, seawater, and hydrocarbons. On the other hand, if you are working with any type of acid or bleaching agent, then you cannot use a nylon lifting sling as it can compromise the integrity of the sling. To learn more, visit this link.

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