Natural light to bring your home to life

Bringing nature into the home is the latest technique used by interior designers, bringing home style in line with green thinking. Natural light does not only look good in the home, but it can be good for the health of the home’s inhabitants.

The benefits of natural light for humans

Many people know that light from the sun contains vitamins that are good for the human bodies, helping cells regenerate and preventing people from developing illnesses. Of course, the opposite is also true, that too much sunlight can cause illnesses and cause skin to age prematurely.

The benefits of natural light for the home

Using natural light in the home has several benefits, not least of which is reduced energy consumption resulting in lower electricity bills. Natural lighting can also make a small room look larger, especially if teamed with reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or metallic panels. It can also help create an environment that seems open, fresh, and inviting, helping inhabitants keep an upbeat mood.

Ways to bring natural light into home design

There are several opportunities for a home to incorporate natural light into a design. If an attic or loft space is being converted into a bedroom, home office, or den, then skylights are a great choice. These will not only help to heat the room but will provide ventilation as well.

If major renovation or remodeling is going on in the home, consider it an opportunity to replace non-supporting walls with floor to ceiling windows, especially if they are south-facing, to catch most of the day’s sun.If this is not an option, consider replacing the framework of small windows with one large window with a contractor like Germantown roofing.

For those who want to ‘sun-worship’, there is always the possibility of installing a glass box extension to the home. This structure is mostly made from glass and, like a greenhouse, lets in huge amounts of sunlight to bask in.

Dressing the home

Of course, there are going to be times when a full blast of natural light is not wanted, so another way of reducing energy consumption and saving money is to install plantation shutters at windows. These form a tight seal with the window frame, look fantastic, and allow the natural light to be regulated in a way that other types of window dressings, such as roller blinds or curtains, are simply incapable of achieving.

In terms of interior design, keep wall colors light so that the natural light is reflected rather than absorbed. The same goes for flooring, so opt for a hard, reflective surface such as laminate or hardwood.

As with most things, a little natural light can go a long way, but many people would prefer to occupy a home that makes the best use of natural rather than artificial light. In winter especially, when daylight hours are short, natural light is good for wellbeing, as it can help ward off SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and other mild depressions, which is something that artificial light cannot do.

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