Panda Windows & Doors Selected for Las Vegas Remodeling Project

Panda Windows was recently selected as one of the suppliers for the remodeling project of Kona Grill, an upscale eatery located at Boca Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. Panda’s folding glass door systems were chosen for its versatility and style; the door system blurs the separation between outdoor and indoor entertainment spaces for the bar/restaurant.

The Panda TS.60 window system was selected for the dining patio and bar area. This particular folding glass door system provides a thermal break, helping to admit ample natural light but protecting against excessive heat and cold conditions. In this application at Kona Grill, both full-length and half-height units were specified by the remodeling designer, creating a breezy bar and seating area when weather permits. In effect, it turns an interior space into a multi-functional exterior bar serving area and spot for relaxation by the restaurant’s guests. The restaurant even refers to the installation as their “Panda Wall”, and appreciate the improved functionality and style it provides to the restaurant’s entertainment spaces.

The Kona Grill

Established in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1998, Kona Grill rapidly expanded to other locations throughout the United States and in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico. Seasonal menu offerings are joined by fresh sushi and carefully-curated cocktails. The location in Las Vegas is in the Boca Park Fashion Village on South Rampart Boulevard, just south of the Suncoast Hotel and Casino. Upscale restaurants, retail establishments, and accessories emporiums are the hallmarks of the mixed-use development. The restaurant sought to remodel its location to add a more dramatic style in keeping with other tenants of the development, which attracts locals and tourists throughout the year.

By adding folding glass door systems by Panda, the restaurant was able to open up the interior, giving guests abundant natural light and fresh air as they dine and drink. The restaurant and bar is located on one corner of the Boca Park development; adding large glass elements to the exterior allows visitors to see inside, where they are greeted by a sophisticated layout and luxurious appointments.

Panda’s Folding Glass Door Systems

Panda Windows & Doors has served residential and commercial customers since the early 1990s. The Las Vegas-based company’s fully-customized glass folding doors and folding glass wall systems are unrivaled in their construction quality, versatility, and advanced environmental features. The TS.60 models installed at Kona Grill in Las Vegas were designed specifically for the remodel and were chosen for their energy-efficient features.

Panda developed this model series of folding door system with several advantages in mind. First, its energy efficient construction, which consists of a thermal break separating the glass panel elements from the aluminum frame profiles. A polyamide iso-bar integrated with glass fibers forms the thermal break, reducing thermal conductivity between glass and frame. This thermal break is also incredibly strong and is able to last for many years of trouble free use. The tracks the doors ride in and the side profiles of each panel form a rigid closed frame acting in compression along with the door gaskets and aluminum rebates. The glass itself is clear low-E insulated, but end users may specify other glass choices for their specialized needs. Once installed, the TS.60 folding glass doors reduce swings in temperature, especially in extreme climates experienced by the city of Las Vegas, which may reach scorching temperatures by day, but cool to near-freezing levels at night.

Because the glass door systems are fully customized, a wide range of choices are available for consumers, including:

  • Variable panel width up to 42 inches
  • Panel height up to a maximum of 120 inches or 144 inches with a special panel divider
  • Unlimited number of individual panels
  • Inswing or outswing folding options
  • Glazing selection, with different types of glass and glass thicknesses (up to one inch) available.
  • Track options, including a recessed track that is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

With these options and flexibility in custom manufacture, it is easy to see why Panda Windows & Doors has been chosen for the Kona Grill remodeling project as well as literally thousands of other residential and commercial projects across the country.

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