Pests Are No Joke

Pests are older than books and have been a nuisance to people and animals for many centuries. They have plagued crops, caused plagues to kill thousands of people, and are a big nuisance to many homeowners to this day. Rat fleas are responsible for the bubonic plague, also known as the black plague, and killed most of Europe’s population and they still exist.

Mosquitos have caused as many as 600,000 deaths and are still a present-day problem. House flies spread bacteria every time that they land, and cockroaches also spread many different diseases. Pests are not only a nuisance, but they can also make you very sick and can even kill you. They’ll ruin the food in your food storage or pantry, and they will destroy your home if you let them. Pests need to be taken care of, or they will become a big problem. If you have a pest problem, you will want to get them taken care of by contacting Moxie Pest Control here at

Get Rid of Pests for Good

There are a number of ways that homeowners try to get rid of pests on their own. For one, there are seemingly limitless products in the market that you can use to get rid of the pests in your home. There are fly traps, traps for mice, ant bait, and sticky paper. They are all effective, but what they don’t do is get rid of pests for good. You will catch a few pests, but you will find that they keep coming back.

It is well worth getting a pest control technician to get rid of your pests for good so that you don’t have to keep buying traps to take care of them. A pest control company will go above and beyond getting rid of your pests too. They will investigate and find out how pests are getting into your home, and they will also find all the nests and hives so they can get rid of them forever. They will also clean up any dead rodents and bugs, so you don’t have to. They have commercial grade products that work, and that will continue to keep pests away for months.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free

It is important to keep getting your home treated for pests though so that you can continue to enjoy your home pest-free. You will typically get your home treated twice a year-once in the spring and in the fall when pests are most actively seeking warmth if you live in a colder climate.

Save Money By Hiring Pest Control Services

Many homeowners think that they can save money by not getting their home treated for bugs, but you will end up paying far more if your home gets damaged by pests. Mice can chew through wires and even your water heater leaving you with an expensive repair bill not to mention the headache of having to go without power or hot water. They can also cause damage that you can’t see, such as in the walls or in the ceiling. They will make nests in your clothes and in your couch. They can even die in your vents and cause an unholy stench to permeate throughout your entire home.

Pests Take the Relax out of Relaxation

If you have pests in your home, you can never really relax because once you have a bug crawl on you, expect them to again. If you are trying to fall asleep with a fly buzzing around your head, it is just impossible to fall asleep. Many pests will bite and they can even cause very painful lesions. Some insects are poisonous. The best bet is to keep them out of your home in the first place.

In order to do that, it is necessary to take the steps to get rid of them or to at least prevent them from coming in your home. If you suspect that you have a pest problem, you should not think twice about calling in the professionals to take care of the problem right away and before you get bit or your home gets damaged. Pests tend to multiply very quickly, so you want to get help before that happens and you are facing an army of pests.


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