Questions to Ask About Barricades When You Need to Establish Temporary Security

When you are responsible, solely or in part, for establishing temporary security around a high-profile event or the temporary visit of an important public official, there will be many safety concerns to address. One of the first of these concerns is the type of barrier system that you will be using. To determine which barricades are most appropriate for your needs, consider the following questions. 

Which barriers are available and which areas will you be barricading? You may have many different points of entry to protect. If there are areas where you want to restrict the access of vehicles, then you may need motorized traffic controllers, parking control gates, and parking lot barriers. High security areas may call for the use of portable barriers, bollards, and other removable fencing and gateways.  Will guard booths be an essential element of security? Read and learn more about barricades on the site here.

What are the dimensions of the barriers that you will be using?  Barricades are a crucial part of your security plan. These can be measured in length, height, and, sometimes, depth. These security tools may have crash ratings that will give you an idea of how well they can prevent vehicles from gaining unauthorized access to your event or facility.

The barricade is a safety barrier that is often chosen to act as the very first line of defense. They may be installed to completely prevent access to an area. An adjustable barricade can be lowered to allow certain traffic through and then raised once again. Is this type of barrier a necessary component of the security you are planning?

Which barriers are best for the roadways or ground surfaces around the planned event or facility to be protected? Portable barriers can be quite convenient to place and use. Carefully chosen barricades will be appropriate for cement, asphalt, hard-packed dirt, and other types of surfaces. Top quality barriers have been used in many situations around the world and so have become adaptable to a wide variety of landscapes and surfaces.

The responsibility to establish high security for any type of event is one that should not be taken lightly. Use your answers to the previous questions as you begin to determine the type of barriers that will be most useful in your situation.

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