Spring Cleaning: How Often Carpet Cleaning Should be and How Much is the Cost?

Usually, a carpet needs to be washed and cleaned two times a year. If you know it well, Spring and Fall make the right seasons for carpet cleaning because winter is in between.

Cold winters make people’s house closed; coldness is kept out and warmth kept in. By doing it, carpet begins to get all kinds of particles that get their way inside the home.  There’s no choice but to allow those particles stay during the winter.  It makes all sorts of particles to get filtered through the carpet.  The result is an indoor atmosphere that is less than healthy.

Therefore, to get rid of all the carpet’s dirt, choose the Spring cleaning season.  By then, all junks gathered during winter months are cleared out.  For the opposite of Spring, Fall is the best time to remove all the particles before coldness comes.  Having the carpet cleaned during Fall, you will also clean the dirt that comes from Summer.  You will start off the winter clear and clean.

There are some circumstances that need additional visits.  Pets or children playing around in the house affect your carpet’s condition.  If one of the two or both of them are present, you might want to clean the carpet more than twice a year. You clean it more frequently this time.

What will happen if you do not clean the carpet?

When carpet is not cleaned as often as it should be, pollen and dust begin to build up.  Cleaning the carpet is not just to clear all allergy-producing elements. It is also good for cleaning the usual spills and stains.  Carpets that arestain-resistant don’t need more care. Not really! Although it says it resists stain, it does not necessary mean it is stain-proof.

A carpet that is stain-resistant is intended to reduce the speed of staining. It slows down the process of permanent harm.  While the stain may not leave immediate blemish, it should be given enough attention, though.

How much is the cost?

There are different factors that determine the cost:

  1. Carpet type
  2. Dirt in the carpet
  3. Square footage

Before each determining factor affects the general cost, the basis for the pricing must be known.  Based on the square foot, kind of carpet, and degree of dirt, the cost can still go up.  Professionals have the expertise to restore the good quality of your carpet and make it stunning again. Moreover, a clean carpet allows you to breath in clean and fresh air that is allergen-free.  In addressing the cost about the kind of carpet and how dirty it is, remember that the dirtier the carpet, the more expensive it will be.

For the stain-resistant one, price gets affected since there are specs in manufacturing that state how carpet restores its former quality.  On the professional side, getting your stain-resistant carpet treated by experts means they can re-apply the coating on the carpet. On the whole, the amount is approximately between twenty to sixty-five cents for every square foot.

Carpet cleaning is important when Spring cleaning is followed.  In fact, there are more benefits a homeowner gets when carpet is cleaned during this season.  So the next time you want to refresh your carpet, it’s worth it to clean your covering during Spring time.

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