The Art of Safety: How to Prevent DIY from Going Wrong

While DIY remains one of the UKs favourite past-times, it is also one of the more dangerous. According to statistics, an estimated 220,000 DIY enthusiasts end up in hospital every single year, with injuries caused by everything from the improper use of ladders ton the inappropriate application of dangerous and electrical tools. This is a serious risk that has the potential to undermine enjoyment that may otherwise be gained by performing home-improvement tasks, so it is important that you take practical steps towards protecting yourself at all times.

DIY Risks and the Relevant Safety Measures

So what are the most prominent DIY risks and what safety measures can you take to negate them? Consider the following: –

Learn how to Use Even Basic Equipment

Statistics suggest that the most dangerous tool in the UK is an ordinary household knife, which may be used to complete a series of rudimentary DIY tasks. This is involved in an estimated 21,300 accidents in the UK every single year, and although many of these are minor the sheer rate of injury represents a serious concern. The primary issues revolve around irresponsible use, whether this involves handling the blade without care or using a knife in the place of another, more appropriate tool. These problems can be easily overcome, however, simply by taking a more measured approach and paying attention to the harm that even basic tools can caused.

Invest in the Right Tools for the Job

Interestingly, more than 41,000 DIY enthusiasts end up in hospital as a result of ladder accidents. Once again, this common issue is caused by ignorance and irresponsible usage, as people become complacent and fail to appreciate the risk posed by working at height. There are actually a huge range of ladders available in the marketplace, each of which has been designed to meet multiple needs and working requirements. Suppliers such as Globe Ladders have made these products available on the market, so it is easy enough to research the ladders that you need and buy them for an affordable price.

Beware of the Dangers Posed by Materials

On a similar note, even relatively innocuous materials can be a source of injury for DIY practitioners. Wood, chipboard, nails, paint, glue and adhesives contribute to a cumulative total of 50,100 accidents every single year, which is incredible when you consider that these materials are completely harmless by themselves. With these dangers in mind, it is important that you pay careful attention to detail when using materials, and safeguard yourself by following any applications directions and instructions to the letter.

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