Think A Wool Blanket Is Only For The Armchair? Think Again

A wool blanket makes a nice addition to the home its true, complementing furniture or a themed room nicely.


However there are far more uses to wool blankets, just look back at some of our old ancestors and their ingenious methods of using wool for multiple purposes. There are plenty of museums around in the UK to find out more on such historical use.

Matches, Tent, Wool Blanket? Outdoor Survival

Wool blankets make a good alternative to sleeping bags when camping. It’s a great survival tool for wilderness survival and many campers swear by them. Quite a distance from being the thing gran uses to keep warm.

Before you scoff at the thought however, if you’re staying in for the night in front of the telly, a wool blanket over your lap is a great way to keep warm. After all we do tend to get colder when sitting still, and a wool blanket will keep you snug while you enjoy a movie or your favourite TV show.

You can still utilise a wool blanket’s special properties at home without the need to be out in the wild surrounded by animals and bugs, simply put the blanket on your bed to give you an extra layer of warmth.

Wool Blanket Becomes Wool Cloak

Outside of the home there are an array of other creative options you can use in order to get the most of your old blankets too.

You can wear a wool blanket as a cloak, a poncho or even just wrapping it around you as a natural cocoon.

Wrapping it around yourself might make you feel like you’re in Ancient Greece, wearing it like a toga, but it’ll certainly keep you warm.

As a cloak, you will need to get a little more creative as you’ll need to pin two corners together and put your head through the hole you’ve created.

Old blanket? Make a Poncho

If you have an old wool blanket, the poncho may be a better option. I say this only as in order to make the poncho you’ll have to cut a hole in the blanket. The last thing you want to do is cut a hole in a nice new blanket, especially when wool is such a long lasting material!

If you don’t fancy wearing your old wool blankets, you can use them for other things too.

With the weather being very unpredictable of late, you never know if you’ll be caught in a flood or experience a car breakdown in an area where you may be forced to stay in the car overnight, or at least for several hours.

In these instances a wool blanket can be a life safer. It’ll keep you warm until you can get back on the road.

An alternative use to blankets, and this goes to all blankets not just woollen blankets, is to use them to cover the windshield in preparation for those frosty mornings we often experience before spring finally comes.

Finally, if you really want to spoil your pet, you can use an old wool blanket as a pet blanket to keep your cat or dog nice and comfortable.

It is easy to get creative with something seemingly as simple as an old wool blanket, so when it seems your old one has had better days, why not buy a new one from a shop such as The Wool Room re-utilise your old one in another form?


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