Tips for Decorating a Modern Home

Want to have a trendy modern home, but are clueless on how to decorate your space to make it look more 21st century? Afraid that a small space might look cramped with modern furniture? Worried that redecorating your home to update its look may be too costly?

Well, here are some decorating tips to help you revamp your home and make it trendier while still keeping to a modest budget.

Colours and Patterns

There is a lot you can do with colours and patterns to update the look of your home. If you want to have a fiery red wall or carpet, pair it with pops of white to quieten down the loud hue. You can also choose to go with a full white-on-white theme for your space. In order to avoid making it look like a hospital, choose accent pieces in different textures to break up the monotony. A fresh coat of paint will always turn any space into a more modern one. Choose colours that pop and complement the existing furniture.

Patterns around the room can instantly turn a boring space into a trendy one. The trick is to intersperse patterns with solid colours. Make sure to also keep to a colour theme when mixing patterns. If you’re thinking of getting big print, make sure to isolate it to a well-defined area like a pattern wall or a seat. You should also make sure to swap out accent pieces from time to time. These little features should change with the season, if you want your home to stay trendy.


To make a room feel less crowded, opt to bring in light and air naturally. An unobstructed view from casement windows can open up the space and make a room more airy.

Feeling restricted by a small room? Don’t be. Choosing a large sectional sofa to a petite room can make it seem larger. You can also add space by keeping larger pieces against the wall and balancing the décor with other large pieces like an oversized ottoman with large prints.



You can also play around with different light fixtures to add pizzazz to your home. Consider adding recessed lighting or a funky chandelier. You may also prefer a structural tower lamp that gives ambient light. This can also double as an art piece if the lamp is eccentric enough.

You can also turn traditional casement windows, like those from, into more modern ones by either adding curtains with a bold print or leaving them bare to add an illusion of space.

The key to a modern home is simplicity and functionality. Don’t go overboard by trying to use all these suggested decorating tips all at once. Pick and choose which ones will make your home look its best. Also, remember to keep the function of the room when decorating. If you’re making over an office, don’t forget the necessary table and chair. For kitchens, don’t leave out ample space to work in.

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