Top Five Fun BBQ Accessories

From bean burger buffs to beef patties patrons, everyone loves a good BBQ. How could you beat tucking into that smoky taste in the hot sun? That wasn’t a rhetorical question – how could you make a standard BBQ better? One word: Accessories.

It turns out that there are literally hundreds of funny, innovative, and down-right useful add-ons and nick-nacks have been invented to make the BBQ experience even more amazing. Here are my favourite five, and where to find them.

Solar Grill

The wonders of modern science have given use a whole new way to grill. Welcome to the solar grill, cooking your food simply by capturing a wide surface area of summer sunlight, and focussing it all onto your food.

Cooking food this way is super Eco friendly as it causes no smoke, requires no fuel and costs nothing to you. Rather, infrared radiation from the sun heats your food until it’s perfectly cooked.

Attachable Smoking Oven

Another game-changing accessory I found is an attachable smoking oven. You simply attach it to your BBQ, and you can smoke your own food. It works by utilising the exhaust gas from the grill, and using this high-temperature gas to cook your food via conduction in an ante chamber: essentially cooking the food entirely with the flavoursome smoke that bakes BBQs so amazing. Available here.

Fencing skewer

Remember those funny BBQ aprons? Maybe the one that says “hail to the chef”, or has a print of a naked woman on it? This next accessory is of this ilk. Instead of using a boring old fork to collect your cooked food, why not use one shaped as a fencing sabre? It will be sure to cause some laughs with its hand shield and comical over-large size. Perfect as a gift too, see more here.

Branding Iron

Every chef is proud is their work – now you can literally put your name on it. After cooking burger to perfection, char on your initials with a personalised branding iron, and let everyone know just who is giving the taste sensation of their lives.

Sausage Holder

One of the few things that sucks about BBQs is that you can’t always roll your sausages over perfectly. Now you don’t have to. Simply which them in the handled, metal-wire holder, and flip them all over together when the time comes.



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