Top mistakes you are likely to make when selecting the right paints for your wall

wall paintsYou may not realize it but the type of paint or more precisely, the colour that you select can make a world of difference to the final results. You will be surprised to find out that the right colour, in fact, give the impression of more open, spacious rooms, making it feel airy and comfortable whereas an inappropriate shade can have an exactly opposite feeling. While you may be alright with such a major factor, you need to realize that your lack of knowledge on selecting the right colour can also have a drastic impact on the amount your home is likely to garner when you decide to sell it while you hunt for a property in Navi Mumbai. Therefore, being careful and avoiding certain mistakes when painting your home with a particular wall colour is important. The points enlisted below will ensure that you get wiser with your choices of paint colours.

  • Avoid painting your entire home in white:

You may have a special liking towards the colour or may want to save yourself the trouble of selecting one from the millions of colours that you can possibly choose from; however, you need to realize that taking the easy route out is perhaps, going to cost you dearly in terms of how you or your guests feel inside your home. To put it simply, a completely white home coupled with white trims will only make your house seem less spacious and is likely to give the impression of closing in. Besides, while you may enjoy summertime in a home covered in white walls, you will fail to garner any warmth during winters as the paints will fail to trap any heat whatsoever. If colour selection leaves you bamboozled, opt for neutral shades like creamy colours ranging from beige to gray for a better feel.

  • Selecting extremely bright colours that make the eyes bleed:

Bright colours sure look interesting and help catch the attention far too quickly. However, you need to realize that it works best when the surface area covered is a lesser one. Therefore, bright colours may be an excellent option for the throw pillows sitting on your couch but when you decide to sweep an entire section of your walls with a bright colour, it can hurt the eyes immensely. Instead of selecting such eye-stinging colours for the walls, select colours that look slightly dulled out so as to maximise the effect. However, if you must use bright colours, then ensure that everything else in your home is subtle white or calm beige. No other home decor item must be a loud colour; this will help balance things out.

  • Never finalize on a paint colour before selecting the rest of the home decor items:

When you have found yourself the perfect property in Navi Mumbai, it is only natural for you to feel the dire urge to have the walls painted before anything else. This is where you may go wrong. While you may be excited to pick a colour for the walls, you need to realize that there are several factors that support your decision of picking a wall colour. Therefore, first, you must finalize on the furniture and the colour and feel of the fabrics that will form part of your home before finalizing on the paint colour.

  • Understanding the finishing of the paint

You may not give much thought to it but the finishing of the paint can add a dramatic difference to the overall look. Therefore, it is advisable that before you make your purchase, ask the retailer about the nature of the finish; which could be glossy, matte or smooth based on your preference.

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Miriam Taylor is an interior designer currently working on a property in Navi Mumbai. She has been contributing to this field for over 10 years and has won an immense amount of appreciation and laurels for her tireless efforts.

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