Top Tips for Selling Double Glazing to Your Exeter Clients

If you’re working with clients that are looking to improve the efficiency of their home, one option you can suggest is replacing old windows for new. When your client makes the investment in quality windows, such as UPVC, they can save approximately £100 per year on heating bills. However, the money saving isn’t the only reason to improve the windows. Other benefits include:

  • Smartening up the exterior of the property

  • UPVC windows are simple to maintain unlike wooden frames

  • Heat loss is reduced, meaning a cosier home and fewer cold spots and draughts

  • Great noise reduction inside the home

  • Peace of mind, UPVC windows last on average 20 years before they require maintenance or replacing

The Advantages of Energy Saving in the Home

These days a lot of focus is placed on creating energy efficient and self-sufficient homes. The problem is in Exeter, and the rest of the UK, many of the homes are incredibly old. We’re a nation that loves our traditional architecture and as a result some home owners aren’t interested in replacing their old, draughty windows for newer versions.

When faced with reluctant clients it’s important to remind them about the benefits of such replacement. Showing them current designs and what is available in the world of windows in Exeter means they’ll see it’s easy to find complementary designs for homes of all ages; you can show your clients that they don’t only have the option of a generic design.

After showing the different options that are available it is worth touching on the benefits of improving the energy efficiency of the home. By replacing old windows the family will be able to reduce the amount of heat that is lost from the home. It will take them far less energy to heat the rooms in their home and therefore they will be saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. This is especially important to consider if the home owners will be selling the property in the future as buyers are picking their future homes based on efficiency more and more these days. What they don‘t want is a home that is going to be cold, expensive to run and trouble to upkeep.

Sourcing Quality

When working on homes in Exeter it is always worth sourcing your materials and UPVC windows locally. Look for a supplier that will be reliable, that can offer you excellent value along with excellent quality products. The quality will be of paramount importance as the end product and installed windows are going to reflect on how happy your client is with the work that has been completed. Try and offer your clients a good choice as well as excellent value for money and they will respect you for it, refer you to their friends and family and be happy to work with you again in the future. Shop around and ask for quotes so you’re able to go back to your clients with clear figures.

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