Top tips to help you decorate your home with antiques

antAntiques have always possessed the resilient power to make sure that all the individual home decor elements are pulled together into one seamless home lending a rustic feel to anyone who decides to spend a while being your guest. Antiques have a certain homey feeling to them and when done right, it can take a simple home to a completely new level. New residential projects in Borivali are underway and if you would like to make this your own home and even lend a bit of your personality to it, antiques is the way to go. However, while these vintage elements can raise the bar, they can also easily be misinterpreted, thus, failing your creative endeavours. Therefore, before you contemplate beginning the assignment, there are a certain important aspects that you should be aware of especially when you wish to bedeck your home with beautiful and timeless antiques.

1.  Understand your need for buying the antiques:

You need to realize the fact that antiques can be slightly pricey and therefore, before you jump the gun only to realize that they do not go with the home, you need to envision certain areas of your home with and without certain antiques. It is only then that you will realize the type of antiques you require; perhaps, you’d like the dinner table to be adorned with antique elements like fruit bowls while the rest of the home stays the way it is. You might also want to transform your home by placing antique elements throughout. You need to decide this before you get down with the actual hunt and shopping for antiques.

2.  Know how to get your antique elements compiled together:

You may have been successful in getting access to some of the most beautiful antique pieces on offer; however, arranging them aesthetically is very crucial. You cannot just clump certain elements together expecting them to emanate a rustic vibe; it will only make it look sloppy. This may seem a tad unusual, but the rule of thumb states that having a group of antiques in odd numbers make for interesting compositions in terms of home decor. Arty people would be first to propagate this theory as it is firmly believed that odd numbers tend to make great compositions and therefore, when you lend a keen eye to your surroundings, you will notice that a lot of elements, whether you watch on television or in a magazine, the odd number rule works wonders every single time.


3.  Get creative with mix and match:

When deciding on new residential projects in Borivali, you can get creative by pairing old antique home decor items with shiny new ones. You may be slightly dubious of the theme that it will end up creating; however, taking this crucial step will add more dimensions to the overall appearance of your home instead of making it look bland and one dimensional. It gives an interesting feel to the overall theme of your home, making it look a lot more interesting than what you may have envisioned.

4.  Draw the attention to the antiques:

Once you have all your antiques in place, you could consider making them the highlight of the home by directing special focus towards them by way of lighting. You could use modern lighting techniques like spotlights and track lighting that work excellently well to showcase your antique collection or you could go a step further and have antique lamps to illuminate the different corners of your home housing the other antique elements based on your creative instinct.

Author’s bio:

Clara Perkins is an interior designer who runs her own designing boutique and specialises in antique home decor. She has currently collaborated with new residential projects in Borivali to offer pre-styled homes to customers.

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