Transform Your Home With Accessories for the Living Room

It’s amazing what unique living room accessories can do to transform the look of your living space. Whilst adding a spot of colour and the odd piece of furniture to your room can make you feel homely, different accessories that are dotted around the room can add a bit of character and personality that soon become the talk of the guests at your next house party.

Here are some quirky accessories that you can include into your living room to provide a little identity that you were craving to finish off your design.

Star Wars Inspired Furniture

Find yourself to be a fan of the dark side? Well, even if you’re not there are plenty of Star Wars inspired furniture that can provide a striking effect to your living room space. The different styles of spaceships found iconic in fighting scenes within the movie series have made perfect designs for different furniture pieces for designers. As such, they are a great choice of decor that helps you to keep in touch with your childhood as a Star Wars fanatic.

Grizzly Bear Bean Bag

Another one of those unique living room accessories that you could consider is the grizzly bear bean bag, bringing the natural outdoors to in. What’s amazing is the attention detail with the features of the grizzly bear itself, almost projecting a life-like image.

The beanbag is also practical in terms of its maintenance and cleaning as the cover is easily removable.

Cat Plant Vase

Maybe you’re more into your animal side and have a great love of pets. Mini cat planters are great for those who have a love for cats and but have green fingers too. This is perfect for min-plants that you love to display around the home and considering they come in different colours, sizes and shapes they can blend into practically any design of a room. Other uses of it can include being a desktop plant holder.

Xanadu Wall Unit

If it’s some unique storage inspiration that you require for your living room space, the Xanadu wall unit brings a sense of elegance and style that is sure to stand out from the rest of your furniture. It stands tall in the room and provides plenty of storage to display items such as photo frames, small plants and ornaments, making it an ideal unique living room accessory for your living space.

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