Update Your Home for the Housing Market

The current economy is making it harder and harder to sell your home. Expensive lawyers, agents and taxes mean that moving home is getting more and more difficult for the average buyer. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of selling your home, it is necessary to present it as something that is ready to move into. Spending some money on updating your home could save your months on the property market.

Neutralise Your Décor – Colour is great for giving a house a little personality, but it is necessary to remember that the colours you choose reflect your personality and not necessarily the personality of your prospective buyers. Neutralise your walls with cream or off white paint; create a blank canvas for your buyers to project their own personalities onto. Equally, if you have especially bright furniture, invest in some neutral toned throws and keep splashes of colour to cushions and accents. Not everyone has the ability to visualise how something might look with different furniture, especially if they are distracted by bright and bold items that are not necessarily to their tastes.

Modernise – There are quick and simple things you can do to modernise an older house. Old fashioned door handles date a house and are easily changed. Cheap but good quality door handles such as those from The Handle Store are easy to fit and replacing a shabby floral door handle with something in pewter or chrome will instantly update the look of your home. If your kitchen is especially old or dated, consider replacing doors on your cabinets. Far cheaper than fitting a new kitchen, new doors and drawer fronts can convince buyers who might otherwise be put off by the perceived expense involved in modernising a kitchen themselves.

Curb Appeal – It is not all about the inside of your home. Make sure your garden is tended to with lawns neatly trimmed and flowerbeds weeded. If you don’t have a garden, invest in a couple of attractive planters to frame the door. Touch up any peeling or shabby paintwork on the exterior of the house, especially if it is on the front door. Make sure that your buyers get the very best impression as they walk up to your property. If possible make sure the boundaries of your property are defined – put up fences if there are none. A potential buyer wants to see exactly what it is they are buying, without concern for land disputes.


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