Vital tips to follow while shifting to your new home – Staying prepared

Moving to a new place sucks anyway. There’s really no way to skip it but shifting to a new home can be more tolerable and less stressful if you’re prepared for an easier and more efficient move. Indeed, it is true that one of the most troublesome tasks that a family goes through is relocating. While you’re planning to shift your home, things may go haywire at some point of time during the entire process. So, in order to avoid all the mishaps, you have to plan way ahead of time. The idea of shifting becomes more hectic when it’s just the two of you, you and your spouse. When there’s no extra helping hand, it can certainly be a huge chaos. Have a look at some important tips that you need to follow when you’re shifting homes.

Planning 5-6 weeks before your actual shifting date

If you plan way ahead of time, almost 5-6 weeks before your actual shifting day, things can get a bit easier and systematic. You can get enough time to compare quotes and reviews while selecting your professional moving company. In case you’re shifting to a new home that is located at a farther distance from your current home, you should ensure hiring a long distance moving company which is trustworthy enough. Ask them to give you an estimate of the expenses that you may go through while transferring your things. Planning ahead of time will also give you the opportunity to research the facilities that are provided in the area where you’re about to settle down.

Planning a month before you move to your new house

Make sure you always keep track of all your moving expenses and chores. If you already have your home insurance, cancel the current one and get a new home insurance policy. Apart from your home, you may also get your dear possessions eligible for their respective insurance policies and also take a close watch at your policy to know whether or not it covers your shift. If it doesn’t cover, ask your moving company to provide coverage as they usually do so. Try to avoid any issue that may come up later.

Planning a week before you move

Now that you’ve already booked your packing and moving company, you have to take a look at the facilities that they’re providing. Finalize all the moving details with them and confirm the time regarding the shift. Also tell them about the parking options that they may get at the new place and inform them about the direction of the home. Don’t forget to cancel your local services like newspaper, TV cable, milk etc and settle all your outstanding due before you leave.

On the day of departure

This is the final day when you leave your existing home, the place where you have some emotions attached. Hence it is vital for you to have all your plans ready to ensure a hassle-free move. Before the arrival of your moving and packing company, you should be ready and mark the boozes’ that need special attention and keep them separate. Mark the boxes that are meant for each room so that you can straightaway carry the boxes to the respective rooms. In a nutshell, be prepared with every small detail so that there’s no fuss while shifting to your new home.

Take special care of the wallpapers and wall hangings that you had in your old home. In case any of them get spoiled during shifting, you can get new ones from wall murals as they have an awesome collection.

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