What Color You Should Paint Each Room

What many people think of painting their walls, they simply think about what color would simply look best or what looks most attractive. Repainting your home can result in large increases in home value, should you decide to sell your home and move. Beyond that, the color of your walls can have a major psychological effect on you, without you even knowing it. Different colors invoke different moods or emotions’, meaning it’s not ideal to simply choose one color of paint for every room. Here are some tips on what colors to use when you’re painting the interior of your house.

  1. Living Room

The living room, or family room, is a place where you will most likely be enjoying time with guests. Red is a good choice for this room due to the color’s ability to stimulate people’s energy levels. Red is an intense color that can give a slight pump to somebody’s adrenaline. It’s also a color that helps stimulate conversation and makes any party or get togethers a little bit more lively. If you’re not a fan of red, other warm tones such as orange, yellow and earthy shades of brown can give the room a certain warmth that makes you feel the closeness in a room more so that other colors. However be aware of using yellow as a main color in any room. It’s a color that can be hard on the eyes in large quantities and some studies have even shown that it can cause frustration and anger.

2. Bedroom

The bedroom is typically where people go to unwind and relax either with their own thoughts or with their significant other. You are going to want to go with colors that mellow you out and make you relax. Blue is the color most people would associate those feelings with. Blue is said to lower blood pressure and slow your heart rate, making it a natural choice. However be careful with what kind of blue you go with, certain shades can give the room a chilly feeling. Particular shades of green and purple will work for the bedroom as well. Green is known as the most restful color and lighter, more vibrant pastel colors can give a very relaxing feel to the room. Purple is also a good option due to its combination of red and blue, giving off a good mix of calmness and stimulated awareness. Like red and green, the lighter shades are the ones that recommended to relax.

  1. Bathroom

For most people the bathroom is typically the easiest room to decide on when you’re giving your house a full paint job. Most people will go with a predominantly white design when creating their dream paint job. White is a color that gives off a sense of cleanliness, making it a good choice for a room in which being clean is it’s main purpose. However nowadays the bathroom has in a way become an extension of the bedroom, in that people don’t just use their bathroom to clean up. People use it to relax and unwind from a long day as well. So using similar colors used in a bedroom like lighter blues and vibrant greens can also be used to create that sense of tranquility.

  1. Kitchen

When putting together their full paint job, most people hope to invoke a feeling of warmth and togetherness in the tastiest room in the house. In an effort to do this, a lot of people will try to replicate the kitchen from their childhood if they have good memories with mom in the kitchen. For example, if your parents had a kitchen with blue walls with white accents, you might be more likely to go down the road of blue and white. However if there were no particularly fond memories in your childhood kitchen, going with similar colors as your living room such as red, yellows and earthier colors like brown and beige will have the same effect in the kitchen. However be aware if you decide to go with a fire engine red kitchen. Due to red’s ability to give you a little boost in energy, red can also stimulate hunger. This means red might be a bad color for you if you are on a diet. It is also important to consider colors that will go well with your appliances when painting the kitchen. If you decide to remove your appliances and replace them prior to painting, make sure the old units are disposed of responsibly.

  1. Office

Unlike any other room in your house, there is one thing you are trying to bring out of yourself when you are in your office, productivity. You don’t care if people walk into your office and feel calm or lively or at home. You care that you are getting stuff done whenever you are in there. Psychologists suggest that green is the color to best surround yourself when trying to be productive. Maybe it’s because green is the color of money, but also green is a color, as explained earlier, that can bring out a restful feeling. Meaning that you are less likely to get stressed out when you are putting in long hours at your desk.

It’s easy to say that you want to paint your house, but going through a full paint job is a long, tough project. The financial and time investment which goes into a full house repainting is more then worth it when considering the returns in home value, and is always a good idea before you move. Use these tips and your own personal creativity to ensure that your house not only looks awesome, but makes you feel like you are at home.

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