Where Do Plantation Shutters Work?

When you are someone who loves the chance to really open up your home, you cannot help but be attracted to plantation shutters. These shutters are made of lovely painted or stained wood, and they are often used inset into the window, sparing you the need to get drapery of any sort. They increase the value of your home, and once they are in, they are a permanent fixture. While you might know that these are the shutters for you, take a moment to consider where they look their best.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and when you really want to make your kitchen shine, you will find that plantation shutters can help. This wooden window dressing lets in plenty of light, and the horizontal slats create a subtle echo to all of the horizontal spaces that appear in the kitchen. Think about eating breakfast in the warm morning light, and you will discover that this might be just where you need these shutters!

Another great place for this type of window dressing is in the living room. While you can have one or two shutters here and there, why not consider the chance to create something dramatic? Because plantation shutters are more secure than other window dressings, you will find that they can protect your home. Look for a wall that is lined with windows and use this type of shutter to cover them all. This is a good way to bring in light and also to add an impressive amount of visual variety to your living spaces.

These shutters are perfect when you are looking for a hint of the old with a lot of the new for your home, so make your purchase with care and consideration!

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