Why choosing the right mattress is important

Latex, memory foam, pocket spring, continuous coil, open coil, pure cotton… there are virtually many types and models from different brands to choose from, and it can get confusing. However, don’t make the mistake of just choosing any mattress as the wrong one can pose sleeping issues for you or the person who will use it.

To avoid an uncomfortable night’s sleep or *gasp* a miserable back or neck pain in the morning, here are the reasons why choosing the right mattress is (very) important:

The wrong mattress affects negatively affects your health. The wrong mattress can lead to health issues since it won’t give you the support you need as you sleep. This means that you’ll wake up each morning still tired and grumpy, which can lead to more stress throughout the day. Chronic pain can also be worsened with the wrong mattress.

Our body recovers and creates new cells as we sleep, it also helps our immune system detoxify the free radicals it gathered during the day. Without proper sleep, your body has less chance to recover and thus, can lead to more viruses that can cause sickness.

Different mattress types and what to expect:

Latex mattresses. This type of mattress is very supportive, but tend to get hot as they do not breathe as much as pocket spring mattresses. So if you don’t like being hot when you’re in bed, we recommend against this type of mattress. They are, however comfortable when it’s cold and can also be used as “toppers.”

Memory foam mattresses. Great for giving extra and adapted support since it hugs and forms depending on your weight. It can be expensive, so we suggest looking online and comparing reviews. Memory foams are perfect for those who like the extra softness and support of a mattress.

Firm mattresses. Perfect if you have a straight body shape, but against broad shoulders, broad hips, or if you are on the curvy side. For the latter, we suggest going for softer mattresses like memory foams as they allow your shoulders or hips more support.

So what’s the best mattress out there? That depends on your body type, your room environment, and your preferences. The “perfect” mattress is one that is comfortable, yet firm enough that your body is properly supported all throughout your sleep. Rather than focus on price tags, brands or aesthetics, go for what feels right, particularly deciding on its firmness and support.

When is the right time to replace my mattress? Over time, mattresses can lose their support, and thus affect the quality of your sleep. If the surface is lumpy or just plain uncomfortable, it is high time to buy a new one.

Where to purchase the right mattress? A simple trip to the mall or bed and bath stores will do the trick, however, ploughing along hundreds of mattresses can be tiresome (ironic huh?) Here’s a pro tip – research a model and read reviews online! You’ll know other people’s experience with theirs and proceed to choose from different range of mattresses online as well. Yep, you can have your new mattress delivered straight to your door! Sweet dreams!

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