Why Glam is Trending in Home Decor for 2020

Home decor trends come and go with each season. For the savvy DIY decorator, there is so much design inspiration to discover, mix, and match. Some trends inspire you to update your home, rather than completely change things up. Trends often evolve season over season, and this year is all about new ways to update your existing decor.

Make room for 2020 Glamor.

2020 is all about punching up the Retro Revival trend of last year. The sophisticated elegance of the 1930s fused with the opulence of the ’70s is the perfect combination of confident, bold, and sassy. Think Art-Deco, shapely furniture with rounded curves and stylish chairs with shell-like edges and backs.

The Glam color palette is all about rich colors like ruby and royal blue paired with warm tones like rose, bronze, and ochre for statement furniture pieces. Metallic touches such as bright gold, brushed copper, brass, and bronze all add an elegant yet expensive look to accent pieces.

Velvet fabric is perfect for furnishings, especially if you want to make a posh statement with your sofa. This trend is all about embracing your flamboyant side by incorporating extravagant wallpaper, plush textiles, and a bit of cocktail elegance. Mix-and-match accent chairs with statement sideboards, metallic tables and side carts, cocktail cabinets, and metallic light fixtures.

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A closer look at the 2020 Glam trend.

Take a closer look at the inspirations behind the 2020 Glam trend in decor:

Vintage Accents

Vintage and traditional detailings are seeing a lot of love in 2020. Vintage details like spooled legs and spindles commonly found on furniture from the 1800s and 1900s are making a comeback. Less is more when it comes to vintage accents. Consider incorporating one or two statement pieces.


Floral Paper

Wallpaper has been losing stigma as an unsightly pain and gaining popularity as a simple way to make a statement. Modern floral wallpaper is in for the Glam trend, especially in smaller areas of your home like the powder bathroom and foyer. Bold colors, metallics, and large prints aren’t going anywhere and the best part is that you can find plenty of stick-on wallpaper options that are easy on, easy off.

Color-Pop Kitchens


All-white kitchens are making way for pops of color. Glam in 2020 is focusing on colored kitchen cabinets in one or more areas. Daring colors such as dark red, green, or cheery yellow are gracing kitchen island cabinets, wall cabinets, and base cabinets.

Fabrics and Textures


There’s an emphasis on plush, cozy, luxe fabrics, textured mohairs, and imperfect leathers. Borrowing from Retro styles, rattan/wicker materials are gaining popularity as a balance that ties together modern and traditional styles. These materials are especially popular on chairs, tables, and lighting.

Outdoor Swimming Pools


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Get your Glamor on in 2020 with these design trend inspirations.

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