6 easy ways for the over 60s to unwind

imagesWhether you’re still working or have entered retirement, it’s important to find ways to relax and unwind. Proper relaxation can help you maintain your health and alleviate the symptoms associated with some existing health conditions.

Here are 6 ideas to help the over 60s easily unwind:

1. Potter in the garden

Working in your garden can bring a great deal of joy and satisfaction and many people of all ages find it helps them to relax and put their problems in perspective. There’s nothing like the taste of home grown veggies while blooms and decorative plants and features can bring you pleasure all year round.

Make sure you don’t overdo it though. If you put your back out digging your vegetable patch or put strain on your joints by kneeling too long you might undo all the good work.

2. Take a bath

The bathroom can be a great place in which to relax and unwind. Even if you have mobility issues you can still unwind in the bathroom with safe bathing solutions from Premier Bathrooms. Solutions can include walk in baths and showers, accessories such as shower seats and grab bars or complete wet rooms.

You might also benefit from features like Premier Bathroom’s Hydrovescent System. This utilises jets of warm air that create thousands of tiny champagne-like bubbles to massage you, encouraging blood circulation and decreasing inflammation.

3. Find a hobby

If you no longer work, you might find you now have more time to devote to leisure pursuits and interests. If you have an artistic side you might want to try painting, drawing or modelling. There are hundreds of adult classes available in all sorts of subjects and most people can find at least one to absorb them. Alternatively, you might enjoy collecting, home crafts or simply immersing yourself in a good puzzle or crossword. Indulging in a hobby is great for keeping the mind active as well as affording a chance to unwind.

4. Enjoy good company

Catching up with friends and family or meeting new people can also be very relaxing. Make time to visit, invite people over or catch up on the phone. Many phone tariffs allow you to chat for free at certain times such as weekday evenings and weekends so it needn’t cost the earth.

Classes are great places to meet new people, with the added bonus that you will already have at least one common interest.

5. Read

Curling up with a good book is an ideal way to unwind and you might consider making yourself a dedicated reading area. This should have access to good natural light during the day and strong lighting during the evenings as you don’t want to strain your eyes. Make it comfortable with a favourite armchair, cushions and throws or blankets for when it’s chilly and you can retreat from the world for a while and lose yourself in the written word.

6. Exercise

Keeping active is very important to health, especially as we get older. You don’t have to be throwing yourself down a ski slope or charging around a football pitch to enjoy the health and relaxation that regular exercise provides. Swimming is generally easy on the joints as the water takes much of your weight and a good walk can be very beneficial. Age UK also recommends activities such as yoga, Tai Chi, aqua aerobics and dancing. Physical exercise might not immediately make you think of unwinding but health and fitness is very important to our overall sense of well-being and relaxation.

Don’t take on more than you’re comfortable with, however, and if you have existing health problems, consult your GP before beginning any new form of exercise.

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