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Advantages of Owning a Small Car

Unless you regularly tow around a lot of cargo, or a gaggle of children, perhaps the advantages of owning a small car outweigh the appeal of larger car models. Car manufacturers realize the draw of smaller cars and most have at least a couple of versions available for purchase by consumers. Perhaps one of the smallest cars currently on the roads, and which draws a great deal of attention from passersby is the smart car which is a labeled an “eco-friendly urban car” by its maker. You can learn more about the smart car, and the other tiny cars out there from which to choose at Here are just a few advantages owners of them claim.



You’ll probably save a ton of money on gas. Many tiny cars like the smart car have at least an electric hybrid engine which means the car runs on strictly electricity under a certain speed threshold. The car even achieves an impressive 86 mile per gallon combined fuel consumption. That’s a heck of a driving range for drivers. Smaller cars weigh less than larger runs so require less fuel energy to power them. This is a definite advantage when it comes to the affect on your wallet at the fuel pump.


You’ll also be able to squeeze into tiny parking spots. Face it, especially if you live in a large city, parking can be hard to come by in congested parts of town. By driving a smaller car, you’ll require less space for parking and will likely be able to squeeze into spots that drivers of large cars could never dream of fitting into.


Small cars are usually cheaper too which means you’ll save money when you buy it on top of saving money on fuel for as long as you own it. There are dozens of late-model used, small car varieties that consumers can snag for less than $10,000. Spread out in payments over three or four years, those payments are incredibly affordable.

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