Are Spiders Dangerous Pests?


Spiders are the most common pests in most households. When provoked, they can be dangerous. Generally, the scene of a spider scares people, especially females. Studies have shown that most spiders are harmless to human beings and only bite when provoked. Despite being friendly, most spiders are pests and not pets. Their infestation in your house makes it irritating to stay indoors.

A Gilbert pest control expert can help you exterminate all spiders in your house. Many companies in Arizona offer pest control plans that can fit your budget. If you have been ignoring the presence of spiders in your house, here are some reasons to think twice.

 1. Spiders are venomous

Some spiders such as the Black Widow produce venom when attacking their prey. The same poison used to kill preys can be fatal to the human body. Spider bites can result in serious skin complications if not treated soonest. Their bites often cause itching, inflammations, and change in color of the skin. The bites damage the skin tissue resulting in wounds that cause secondary infections if not treated. Also, studies have shown that the venom produced by the Black Widow causes a CNS complication

2. Spiders feed on other pests

Flies, flea, and mosquitoes are some common insects that spiders feed on. These pests are carriers to some disease-causing organisms. When spiders feed on such infects, they reduce the risk of contracting such diseases. Spiders hunt for agricultural pests like moths, beetles, and aphids helping farmers to reduce their expenditure on buying pesticides. This way, spiders are seen as friendly and economical to human beings.

3. Spiders feed on other spiders

Spiders have a way of reducing their population by feeding on each other. For instance, the Long-Legged Cellar Spider feeds on the Redback spider, reducing their population significantly. Apart from the unpleasant webs that spiders form on your wall, it is needles controlling spiders when they can kill themselves.

4. Some spiders cause serious health problems

Most spiders bite only when threatened. Tarantulas, a common breed of spider in Southern US, are usually imported as a pet. These breed of spider is the friendliest to human beings. However, it bites and hairs. When the spider is provoked, it ejects several hairs that can pierce through the skin injecting toxins into the body. It is advisable to touch spiders while wearing gloves to reduce the risk of contracting diseases. Wash your hands with plenty of water immediately after touching a pet spider.


Spiders are friendly and dangerous to human beings. Their degree of harm depends on how we handle them. In most cases, they only attack when provoked. Spiders are beneficial to human beings, given their role in eliminating other pests both outdoors and indoors. However, it is advisable to contact your local pest control company if infested with spiders.

Controlling spiders keeps you free from deadly infections that result from spider bites. The question of whether spiders are dangerous is subjective. The points given here can change your view about these arachnids.

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