Bring Fall into Your Home with Harvest Table Decorations

 With fall right at your doorstep and the opportunity to entertain family and friends available each weekend, you should make the decision to bring the crisp, fall season into your home with the fall decorations that you display on your table. Whether you’re having a dinner party or simply decorating your lovely table to be enjoyed each day, it’s a good idea to plan your theme and gather some inexpensive items that will help your home appear more festive. Let’s review some simple ways to add a touch of fall to your interior design.



The key to a successful dinner party is making your guests feel special; by using cloth napkins, you can easily let them know how wonderful they are. Use pretty ribbons, pieces of fall foliage, or pieces of fabric to tie around the napkins for a touch of elegance. You can also tuck springs of fall flowers from your garden, berries, or tiny holiday decorations to add interest to the napkins that your guests will be using.

Your Centerpiece

By using a pumpkin bought at a farmer’s market on a raised crystal cake platter, you can create an interesting centerpiece that says volumes about the season you are celebrating. You can add a small branch with colored leaves, some stems from your flower garden, or a bittersweet branch to add color and depth to the elevated pumpkin. This will also be low enough in the center of your table so that your guests can carry on conversations without having to peep around it.

Color Schemes

When you think of fall you automatically picture orange, brown, red, and other vibrant colors that you may see in the landscape around you. You’ll want to use as many of these colors on your table but you may want to use a neutral background to highlight the fall palate. You can bring out your white china, linen napkins, and beige table runner to emphasize the pretty colors that add excitement to your harvest table.

Interesting Place Cards

To the delight of your children, you may want to identify places at your table with unique name cards that show your creativity. You can purchase tiny pumpkins and write the names of your children on each one that is placed in front of their chairs at the table. This includes them in the dinner celebration and shows them just how special they are. From dining at farm tables to conversations with relatives these are memories that are sure to last a lifetime for children and adults alike.

As a backdrop for your harvest decorations you’ll want a quality-constructed table like those that can be found at Olde Good Things; you can purchase all shapes and sizes that are sure to accommodate the space that you have available in your home. Great entertaining begins with quality materials and decorations which add ambiance to any evening of food and fun with friends, family, and colleagues.

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