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How to make your house more sellable using colour theory

To make your home more ‘sellable’ on the housing market, you will want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in it. As soon as buyer comes into your home for a viewing, you want them to start imagining what it will be like to live there. To achieve this, your home essentially has to become a blank canvas so that they can easily project their own design ideas. This will include fully cleaning your home and using neutral colours in your house design. These include shades of Read more [...]

How to Create the Right Mood Lighting in Your Home

The right (or wrong) lighting can affect the entire look and feel of your home. So creating the right ambiance and mood with carefully selected light fittings is something that every homeowner should consider. For instance, your kitchen will probably want a mix of bright white LED spotlights and good task lighting for your work surfaces. Your bedroom will probably benefit from some lower wattage, warm yellow lighting with the addition of some atmospheric lamps. And your bathroom will probably look Read more [...]

Choosing Blinds for Your Home

When it comes to window dressings and decor you might be glad to know that there is more than just curtains for you to choose from. Blinds can be a fantastic choice for almost any window, especially as they have really expanded in range since they caught on in popularity. A beautiful decoration showcase store is a good way to attract attention and make your more attractive. SELFOR Decor offers year a large selection of decorative accessories showcase that can accompany large trade events. What Read more [...]

A Brief History about Chandelier Lighting

We know that the very wealthy during medieval times were the first to use chandelier lighting. Of course, they used candles in those days. Generally speaking, the chandeliers were shaped like a wooden cross and various spikes were fixed to these onto which a candle could be placed. Ropes or chains would be used to hoist these to the right height. The direct or indirect lighting makes unquestionably the deco interiors value. Lamps, floor lamps, suspensions, lights playing on the colour, material and Read more [...]
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The Art of Furnishing Your Home

Furnishing your home requires far more than randomly selecting items of furniture and peppering them around the living space. It takes time, thought and perseverance. Whilst your own artistic sensibilities will play the key role, there are some great fall-back tips you can look to whilst creating the look of your home with furniture.   Defining Your Style   The best furniture style is the one which fits best with the overall scheme of your home. So look around the various rooms Read more [...]

Tips for Decorating a Modern Home

Want to have a trendy modern home, but are clueless on how to decorate your space to make it look more 21st century? Afraid that a small space might look cramped with modern furniture? Worried that redecorating your home to update its look may be too costly? Well, here are some decorating tips to help you revamp your home and make it trendier while still keeping to a modest budget. Colours and Patterns There is a lot you can do with colours and patterns to update the look of your home. Read more [...]