Could Pinterest Help You Sell Your Unsellable Property?

Pinterest is a social media site with a very clear focus. In essence, it’s an online pin board where people can upload their images and others can pin them to their own boards, helping every user to build their own personalised collage of things they like. One of the major picture categories is home interiors and décor, so if you’re looking to sell your home, taking some inspiration from the people on Pinterest might just be your ticket.

Cushions and Quilts

Although it’s essential that your home is staged to afford potential viewers the opportunity of imagining their own possessions and belongings in your space, you also don’t want the property to be void of personality, as this could have a negative effect on your sale. Small splashes of colour and blends of textures in the forms of cushions and quilts can be enough to inject some well-needed personality to your home. Stick to a couple of colours, as these will be your accents, and ensure they are consistent throughout your home. Pinterest is full of great fabric-related ideas.

Up-Cycled and Bespoke

If you want your property to have a classy edge, start by throwing out your standard sofa and finding your own more unique one. A bespoke piece of furniture says more about the owner than a generic one, so if you want your property to stand out, fill it with unique furniture items. You could also build your own pieces through up-cycling techniques. If you’re handy with your tools (Swift Trading are a notable supplier), then that tree stump in the garden could quite easily be converted into a polished stool made uniquely by you for your home.

Garden Decorations

Pinterest isn’t just a tool that’s limited to the inside of your property. Gardens and smaller outside spaces take up a lot of room on the site, so if you’re looking for ways to spruce up your outside, take a look on Pinterest. There are plenty of ideas and links to “how-to’s”, so if you want a Mason jar vertical herb garden, the perfectly designed pathway, or unique and innovative ways to store and display gardening tools, Pinterest is the place for you.

Ultimately, selling your home is a matter of staging it correctly to potential buyers at viewings, so if you can use social media sites like Pinterest to make your property more appealing, you should.   

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