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Holiday home decor shopping

living roomThe most exciting season of the year is here as everyone gears up for fun, shopping, decorations and more. A sense of positivity engulfs a house when all members of the family are in the festive mood. To add to it, decorating one’s house for this holiday and festive season is all the more fun thing to do. However, how does one ensure getting an absolutely new look for a home in the quickest way possible? With just few alterations in your home decor, you can quickly prep up your home which will be ready for the festive and holiday season! You can use simple elements of Christmas decor and use that around your home, than just using it for the Christmas tree. Head out to shop these things:

1. Pinecones: Use a string of pinecones and hang it around your door or walls. This kept against a light colored wall or plain white wall will definitely be an eye catcher for anyone who steps in your home for the first time. You can play around with ribbons with this string to cut out the monotony of the dark brown color.

2. Flowers: Get some fresh white flowers for your home and use it as a wall hanging or as a centre piece. You can put these white fresh flowers in a glass and hang it against a dark wall. Or inward this glass and place this as a centre piece. Add some candles around or on top of this glass and see the magic of this simple idea!

3. Ornaments: Those pretty little shiny Christmas tree hangings will not go for waste. Buy some more of those and hang up these rounded ornaments in the form of a chandelier or a wind chime against a window. Several of these around special corners of your home will definitely add up to the decor.

4. Lights: The most important part of this season! Choose a color you like and buy these lights from a local store. You can even choose a combination of colored lights. If you have unused glass bottles then fill them up with these lights. You can choose to hang them at corners for a magical effect or place them on your dining table to replace the candle from the candle lit dinner.

5. Silver bells: Buy round silver bells and tie them up to your door with colorful ribbons. This is a great way to welcome your guests with a little jingle! This decoration would go well with your door wreath.

6. DIY Wreath: Give your wreath a refreshed look by spraying them with silver spray paint. Get that winter and snow feel for your wreath with this simple DIY technique. You can also go for gold paint for a rich look.

7. Pillows and cushions: Throw around some cushions around your sofa and bed with Christmas colored pillows. Green, Red and White are the colors of this holiday season. You can tie around large ribbons on these cushions and turn them into gifts.

8. Hanging cards: Bring out all those cards that you’ve received all these years. This is a great way to use all of them. Choose a wall in your house and stick up all these greeting cards on this wall. These cards will make your wall look prettier. You can also hang them in your Christmas tree or use it to decorate a doorway.

These are some of the simple techniques you can use to revamp your home. These are things that you will find already in your home or find it at cheap rates in a store near you. So go out there and redo your home decor in an entirely new way!

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Steffy Wright is an interior decorator who owns a design firm and helps her clients redo their home in simple and quick ways. Her creativity enables her to create something unique from even a simple thing like a paper. She strongly believes that colors and decor of one’s home play a large role in framing human emotions and moods, and she follows this while working with her clients.

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