How To Accent Your Home With Natural Wood

Key to decorating in a rustic, country chic, or cape cod style is the use of different woods. Wood comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and adds an inviting touch to each room with its natural purity.


Here are easy ways to accent your home with different varieties of wood to achieve an organic, warm space:




Usually the staircase is the main focal point of the entryway, for its grandeur lends itself to being noticeable. Staircases are often covered up with carpet, which takes away from its elegant beauty.


Since the eye is already naturally drawn to the staircase, take advantage of that and create the staircase to be the home’s showstopper. Use a wood spiral staircase instead of traditional stairs in order to enhance the staircase’s aesthetics.




For some time now, laminate flooring has been a contender against hardwood flooring. To truly achieve a raw, pure look, stick with real wood floors. It both lasts longer and is lovelier in appearance.


For homeowners who decorate more traditional and less modern, consider using untreated wood. While the wood is smooth enough to walk on without fear of splinters, it looks vintage and original, especially if the wood has knots in it. Apart from being unique, it elevates the coziness of the space because it feels homey rather than stark.


Accent Tables


Accent tables are a great way to incorporate multiple types of wood into the space.

The key to using different wood pieces without the space looking too much like a college dorm room is to stay away from mixing fake wood pieces with real wood. Most inexpensive wood-looking pieces are too smooth and do not retain the grain of natural wood furniture.


Real wood pieces look handcrafted, for carpenters and woodworkers usually have handcrafted them. That homemade look is why these wood pieces are so charming and captivating.


Thus, look to incorporate weathered looking wood pieces with rich wood pieces. Contrast a mahogany end table with a shabby chic corner shelf. To create more visual interest in the room, use a coffee table that has been made out of painted wood pallets or constructed out of wooden crates. For the craftier do-it-yourselfer, these coffee tables are fairly simple to create, and its comforting handcrafted feeling is genuine since it was a DIY project.




Wood mantels are breathtaking expressions throughout the home. Over a brick or stone fireplace, wood mantels add character and charm. This is a perfect area to use reclaimed wood, which is recycled wood. Again, it offers than handcrafted appeal that mass-produced products lack.


Exposed Beams And Wood Ceilings


In many tract homes, the art of exposed wood beams and wood ceilings is lost. In older homes that still have personal touches, leave the wood exposed and allow its natural beauty to speak out over the home. If the wood looks old or rundown, look to polish with lemon or orange oil to bring life back into the wood.


Bring a comforting, effortless design back into your space by working with wood’s raw beauty.


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